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04.10.2013by: Cherry Liquor

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Whovian Babes

Perhaps I am unfortunate in the respect that the Whovians of the 2005 to present day drive me absolutely bonkers. I might have been a part of them, I might have been persuaded to come back into the Exterminate! fray, but they're all so... well, seeing as how I'm probably addressing some of them right now, I have my opinion. I also recall a time when Tom Baker was my Doctor, when the show appeared on PBS and I would watch old and currently running episodes with my dad. Before all the DVR crap, before all the TeeFury and whatnot hype. Back then, it was just a goofy sci-fi show that I liked watching with my dad. So I'm not doing a traditional top ten. I'm going to take you backwards through the years and feature some of the hottest Whovian Women in the Doctor's long career.

2012 - Jenna-Louise Coleman

In case you didn't read my opening statement before clicking on getting to the Gallery, I want to EMPHASIZE that this isn't a traditional top ten list. I'm starting from the most recent women from the Doctor Who series and working my way back in time. Which means that Jenna-Louise Coleman is NOT ranked LOW on the list. She's ranked as MOST RECENT. Why don't you just tell me how much you love/hate her as Clara and how she's been doing since she was added to the cast late last year?

2008 - Michelle Ryan

I love Michelle Ryan. I don't what she did on the show and I don't care. I have been tempted by my Whovian nutjob friends to watch simply because they wave her name in front of me. This is my choice for Wonder Woman. This is my lovely Amazon. Anyone want to tell me what her importance in the show was?

2008 - Karen Gillan

One of the most famous redheads from the current era Reign of the Redheaded Women, Karen Gillan was on Doctor Who for a good, uh... I think I started catching on to her hotness when people started getting really wacky in their idolization of the new doctor. Some have said she lucked out because David Tennant was such so popular. Um, duh... he was the Doctor 10, the one who made this series into a fandemonium pandemic. I think I would have been more inclined to stay on with Doctor 9 (Christopher Eccleston - *rawr*). But he didn't get the Gillan, so that moment was lost.

2008 - Georgia Moffet

Georgia Moffet is really cute. She's also labeled as being the character "Jenny," and referred to the daughter of Doctor 10. Which is weird, since she has the physical appearance of a woman mere years younger than her "father." Being that it's Doctor Who, I'm going with the cloning guess on this one. But seeing as she's the actual daughter of one of the Doctors and, you know, she's really cute, I wanted her on the timeline.

2007 - Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Her name is hard to sell, actress-wise, but hot damn is Gugu Mbatha-Raw an incredibly gorgeous woman. I was disappointed that she couldn't make more of that American spy show she was cast on. Too many people thinking it was the black version of MR AND MRS SMITH, I suppose. Gugu only appeared on a handful of episodes during the residence of Doctor 10, and I think I've figured out it was because she was the sister of another character. Did she do anything cool on the show?

2006 - Sophia Myles

In the trickiest waters here, knowing that I haven't watched any of the Doctor Who episodes from 2005 on, I have to research the fact that Sophia Myles only appeared in a single episode, under the longer name of Marquise de Pompadour. But Sophia Myles is a mega-babe, so I'm sure she made a huge impact in that one episode alone. You'll have to fill me in on the details.

2006 - Freema Agyeman

From 2006 until 2010, Freema Agyeman has been the Martha Jones to David Tennant's Number 10. So it seems that the show decided it was time to come out of the dark ages, represent the fact that there are British people who have dark-toned skin (Agyeman looks like a British Vivica A Fox to me) and can be just as good of a side kick as any other lighter skinned British lady. Or something. I'm taking a guess here since Freema was on the show for 4 years, it must be assumed that she had an important role but again... haven't watched any of the 2005 -> stuff.

2005 - Billie Piper

A friend of mine, upon hearing that I was compiling a list of babes from the Doctor Who years/stories/arcs/seasons remarked, "I suppose you're going to need to include that buck-toothed blonde one." I'm thinking he was referring to Billie Piper, or Rose Tyler, the only woman to truly soak in some quality time with Doctor Nine. (I did mention that Christopher Eccleston is my kinda Doctor, insomuch as Eccleston is a babe with that voice and the acting and he was in SHALLOW GRAVE with Ewan, and damn that would be a hot....) Billie Piper has apparently continued to reprise her role as Rose Tyler since the beginning of the second incarnation or rebirth of this sci-fi phenom, currently appearing in episodes up until 2013, for the 50th Anniversary Special.

1984 - Nicola Bryant

Peri Brown wore some mighty bright spandex during the years that she was dealing with the transition between Doctor number 5 and Doctor number 6 (the scoundrel who attempted to strangle her in that really weird twin episode). By about this time, I was beginning to bore of the series. I switched to watching more science (NOVA - yeah, I'm into that kinda thing) and less science fiction. My sister was born, my dad was working more and even though the original incarnation of the Doctor Who franchise chugged along until 1989, this was the point during which I stopped paying attention. Not that Nicola Bryant wasn't the sweetest, perkiest little assistant a Doctor could hope for.

1978 - Mary Tamm

Because of her predecessor, Romana was created to be softer, silkier, more gentle. Mary Tamm had the grace of a Southern Belle, even if she was born in Yorkshire. In more recent years, archive footage of Tamm was brought up in the current episodes, even though the character was portrayed by a different actress, Lalla Ward, after Tamm departed a year into her work with the Doc. Sadly, Tamm died from cancer in 2012, leaving behind lingering memories of her hauntingly beautiful eyes and eloquent stature.

1977 - Louise Jameson

Leela scared the crap out of me. A primitive woman who was prone to violence and possessed great depths of intelligence? It's no wonder that she did a lot of the dirty work for the Doctor, refusing to allow him to un-savage her. Louise Jameson moved like a cat stalking prey, stared at you as if she was boring holes into the back of your skull, and whether or not I'm wrong because I just don't care about looking it up to see if I'm right, I think the name Leela became synonymous with a woman who could kick ass and take care of herself. (Think "Futurama." Hell, stretch that concept a bit and Leelo from THE FIFTH ELEMENT is close enough as well.)

1973 - Elizabeth Sladen

Up until 2011, the year of her passing from a battle with cancer, Elizabeth Sladen was still a regularly working actress and included several appearances during the newer Doctor years, from 2006-2010. But long before Sladen breathed new life into Sarah Jane Smith, she was one of the cool Whovian women I loved watching the reruns for on that (now) archive, PBS. What was most awesome about SJS is that she got her own spin-off series from Doctor Who. For me, I saw Elizabeth Sladen as really being Sarah Jane Smith, a journalist. A writer. I had my reasons for liking her.

1968 - Wendy Padbury

I learned about my dad's dreamy thoughts regarding Wendy Padbury when she appeared in the 1983 episode, The Five Doctors. This was during the Peter Davidson years, right after MY Doctor, Tom Baker, had handed over the time-traveling reigns. Prior to showing up in the 1983 airing, Padbury had been one of the first Whovian babes and was top-notch according to my dad. Seeing as how older pictures of my mom and the actress reflect a resemblance... well, that just leads to thoughts about my dad's thoughts.

1966 - Anneke Wills

As much as my dad loved his brunettes, he wasn't oblivious to the charms of the striking blonde goddesses. As Polly Wright, the tenacious little lamb with the penchant for straight angled bangs, frilly hats and wide, doe-brown eyes, she was a big favorite of dear old dad, back when he was still a strapping young lad. And that's about as in depth as I'm going to go regarding my dad's lady preferences.



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