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05.02.2012by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest villains in film

Who doesn't love a bad girl? Sure the good ones are fine for getting old and sh*t but for some fun wild moments be sure to call upon the sultry side of evil. We've had some delicious treats in film concerning evil women so for today, I've set my sights on trying to round up some of the finest examples of sexy villains, so start thinking of who would be in your Sexy Top Ten and see if any of your choices are in part of today's sexy list.

10 - Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard)

Let's kick things off by antagonizing most movie fans by including something from the TWILIGHT saga. Isn't that what villainy is all about? I could have gone with the beautiful Bryce Dallas Howard from 50/50 or from THE HELP but those characters where beyond villainy, they were straight up BITCHES! So let's stay with Victoria, the hot redhead vampire from TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE.

9 - Lady Deathstrike (Kelly Hu)

Lady Deathstrike wasn't known for being easy on the eyes but thanks to her portrayal by Kelly Hu in the X-MEN sequel she could now be renamed as Lady Deathstrikingly Hot! Not only does she posses such striking features but she's also able to kick so much ass she's able to withstand a one on one, mano a mano, against none other than Wolverine. Sexiness ensues.

8 - Mystique (Rebecca Romijn)

If I included Lady Deathstrike it seems only fitting I include Mystique. I'm not too fond of the scaly blue look however I do understand the appeal of the shape-shifting mutant. For starters she's a free soul walking around naked most of the time and secondly, think of the possibilities! She could impersonate all the women from today's Sexy Ten Spot and all the Ten Spots that ever were and always will.

7 - Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen)

Way #1532 to die with a smile: Being crushed by Xenia Onatopp's powerful gams. One of the most memorable henchwomen/bond girl, lame puns aside, Janssen impregnates the character with 100% sexual deviance making her a very steamy foe to pit agains Bond.

6 - O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu)

I remember having a conversation from a fellow user where I mentioned that I only liked Lucy Liu when she was wearing traditional oriental garbs (e.g. Shanghai Noon, Kill Bill Vol. 1), since said user was an Asian female, I later reconsidered I might have been kinda racist, but thinking it over some more, I think it's more of a "folklore fetish" and having Lucy Liu in a Lady Snowblood context just tickled my fancy.

5 - The Baroness (Sienna Miller)

Let's forget about the ridiculous notions of brainwash and romantic sideplot pulled out from somebody's ass. Just like with Lady Deathstrike it defeats their purpose if it turns out that they we're being brainwashed from the start and it wasn't the ladies intentions (oh and spoilers and whatever). In any case, good or bad, a tight leather get up is always good for the eyes. I may also be a bit biased as The Baroness was probably the first fictional character that gave me a hard on.

4 - Satanico Pandemonium (Salma Hayek)

You've seen the scene before, heck, I've featured it like 4 times before but it's just one of those things that never gets old. Unfortunately once Salma Pandemonium turns into one hideous f*cking vampire the hotness goes away, thus she won't make it to the top spot this time. We sure had some fun before the blood shed tho'.

3 - Regina George (Rachel McAdams)

Not all villains are larger than life megalomaniacs, some are just egomaniacs who want to be the most popular girl in school and of course if they look like the always spunky Rachel McAdams they're already halfway there. If you think she shouldn't be so high up the list then I present you with this:

If you still disagree then boo, you whore!

2 - Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer)

The security guard said it best "I dont know if to open fire or fall in love", one of the first comic seductress' got an S&M treatment for Burton's BATMAN RETURNS, add the natural catlike sultriness from Michelle Pfeiffer and you end up with one of the sexiest villains to ever grace the big screen.

1 - The Devil (Elizabeth Hurley)

What's more evil than THE Devil? And what better choice to play a sexy shedevil than Elizabeth Hurley who we get to see in all sorts of getups included in many men's fantasy, from cheerleader to naughty school teacher, this devil sure knows what we like, if this is what hell looks like then sign me up.



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