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09.05.2012by: Cherry Liquor

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Tattooed Babes

Why have tattoos gotten so popular amongst the beautiful ladies over the years? When I was growing up, my mom used to rant about how only trashy biker chicks got inked. Flash forward a number of years I don't plan on revealing and I'm the proud bearer of 10 tats. I'm not the only one. I'm also not worthy of making a top ten list of hottest tattooed babes either. But these ladies are.

10 - Rihanna

This is a beautiful woman who is doing.... what? I understand that she's a multimillionaire singer who puts out a hit single every 10 minutes since grade schoolers have the attention span of a fruit fly, but over the years she's gone from a simple rib cage tattoo ("Freedom of Christ" in Arabic) to little guns on her upper rib cage, inked after she was beat the eff up by Chris Brown and a neck tattoo which is misspelled. If I place her low on the top ten, will she try harder to not tat on a whim?

9 - Megan Fox

I'll bet you were guessing that I'd have Megan higher on this list. Most people are aware of how much ink this girl had put on her skin because she's never tried to cover it up in the multiple print ads that she's done. However, between the fact that her ribcage tattoo ('Those who danced were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.") was inspired by PASSION PLAY costar Mickey Rourke who withdrew his comments about Megan being a good actress after the film bombed and her lasering off the Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her forearm (real inkers either cover up or laser off to make room for different art once they've run out of space), drops her down. The bikini line tat reading "Brian" (for her husband Brian Austin Green) is sweet, but you know what they say about having a lover's name marked on you: an hour of needle and blood, a forever reminder if you break up.

8 - Scarlett Johansson

ScarJo has a very colorful tattoo inked on the inside of her forearm. Being that it's one of the few that she has (more recently she had another tat put around the wrist of her opposite arm), that it possesses whimsy and the fact that I myself have a silly colorful tattoo on my inner forearm, I'll give her a place on this list. She should be on it, even if there are other women who are more decorated than she is.

7 - Angelina Jolie

Angeline Jolie has to be one of the most well known to be tattooed actresses on the planet. Hell, this is the woman who made your moms think it was hip to venture out into the darker side of town to see which dude she'd normally snub her nose at would etch into her so she could be a popular Sneetch. Angie is a beautiful woman who most complained about the inking of. I don't like what she has on her, personally. It's nice that it means a lot to her (her upper arm has the coordinates of where all of her children were born) but the fact that she lasered off the "Billy Bob" tattoo rather than do the more conventional option of covering it up deducts a couple more points from me.

6 - Evan Rachel Wood

She might have been banging Marilyn Manson at one point and she might be a tad shrill as an actress but ERW has some good ink on her skin. The upper thigh heart tattoo is a favorite, highlighted often when she's asked to do a lingerie layout. But I give her props for inking Edgar Allan Poe on the back of her neck instead of some Marilyn Monroe quote like so many other female thespians. "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." Very fitting for her profession, a delicate beauty to the simplicity of the art.

5 - Drew Barrymore

Back before all the other actresses had decided that it wasn't a career-ender, Drew Barrymore was tits deep in her rebellious stage, getting inked on her ankle (the cross which looks like it's been doing a time-lapse fade-out over the years) as well as the cute belly tats of the butterfly and what always looked to me like the fluffy clover where the Whos land for Horton to protect. She's old school and that deserves extra points.

4 - Shannyn Sossamon

This is one of those pictures most familiar with the actress. Her earnest doe eyes staring straight to the back of your soul, that delicate S on her shoulder daring you to mess with her. I like to look at Shannyn and think that it's her own personal Scarlet letter. S is for sexy, that's good enough for me.

3 - Pink

Perhaps I should be spelling that P!nk, seeing as how the most common mistakes made in the tattoo industry are misspellings. That and hipster white girls thinking that they have the Chinese symbol for "strength" on their lower back when really it reads "gullible." P!nk has some of the most well known tats in the business, including the pic of her dog on her inner lower arm and the dragon on her upper left thigh. Not overdone, but definitely plenty of color to keep her in the rock club.

2 - Lena Headey

Seeing as how tattoos weren't a huge thing in the time when imps were the wisest people on two feet, it's surprising to me just how many tattoos Cersei Lannister has hidden under the heavy fabric on her brother screwing body. Lena Headey has famously been down to nearly nothing in some of her movies, perhaps it's time we give an award to whomever her makeup artist is. I score major points on her for being so indelibly marked.

1 - Katy Perry

From her famous "Jesus" wrist tattoo to the inner arm script that reads (in Sanskrit), "Go with the Flow." Good advice to follow considering that she and now ex-husband Russell Brand got matching versions of the tat when they were still deeply smitten with each other. Don't forget her ankle tattoos in honor of each of her two popular tours (a strawberry for the "One of the Boys" tour and a peppermint candy for the "Teenage Dream" tour. Simple tats, gorgeous woman, sexiest way of showing off without looking like you're trying too hard.



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