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04.20.2012by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Pool Scenes

Summer is only a few months away so bikini season hasn't officially started yet, but in the meantime we can take a dip in a conveniently heated pool and take a look at today's SEXY TEN SPOT which focuses on sexy pool scenes that will get you all warm even if the water is cold. Remember any hot scenes that take place in a pool? Well, keep reading to see if it made the list and remember that some of these clips are Not Safe For Work (NSFW)!!! Which in my opinion is always a good thing. Carry on!


Labeled as one of the worst sex scenes ever, it's also one of those that originate fantasies and it starts out steamy enough, unfortunately Elizabeth Berkley starts having a seizure and it's kind of hilarious, oh and please excuse Kyle MacLachlan's bare ass, although in the end, once you think about the levels of crazy sex involved, the film does tend to be a hot and memorable experience.


I never thought I'd be including a movie about dogs in one of these lists but lo and behold, Jennifer Aniston stars in such a movie. I've deduced that Aniston's levels of hotness is proportional to the quality of the movie she's in and she isn't half bad in MARLEY & ME so it's a treat to see her all coquettish with Owen Wilson while apparently being all naked inside their pool.


In one of the last funny spoof movies, an ensemble cast of hotties get shaped into familiar cardboard characters from other films, one of them parodying SHE'S ALL THAT and the absurdity of RACHEL LEIGH COOK's "inexistent" beauty because of a jumper, glasses and a ponytail. Thankfully for us, faux Rachel Leigh Cook (after her makeover of course) goes to a pool party and after she get's thrown in the resident 'bitches' still take the time to throw some more water at her, mostly around her breast area, which is absurd but it pleases me.


The only thing you need to know about this movie is that it features Jessica Biel in a sexy tiny bikini showing it off here and there and making up Jennifer Aniston's lack of swan dives (see #9).


SWIMFAN has a serious case of 'forgetability', it's a forgettable movie with two actors that the world has forgotten, Erika Christensen and Jesse Bradford. At least we get what appears to be the opposite of the SHOWGIRLS sex scene (#10) a steamy make out scene in the water between the two, and while it is always advised to steer clear of the crazies, in the heat of the moment, Jesse Bradford knows it's hard... to say no.

5: Scarlett Johansson likes pool scenes

It appears Scarlett Johansson cannot swim as evidenced by this SCOOP clip where she gets rescued by Hugh Jackman and that works in our favor just to see her all wet in a very FarrahFawcett-ish swimsuit, we got a hold of a French copy of the film just to make it seem a bit more erotic, avoiding the silly Woody Allen dialogues... but wait, there's more! What's better than a wet Scarlett in a swimsuit?

How about ScarJo in the nude? She was less than an inch close to showing us the full goods in HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU but no biggie, it was still very exciting, we will always have this fantastic animated image looping eternally for our enjoyment.

4: Marilyn Monroe's unfinished movie

A classic Hollywood gossip tale: Marilyn Monroe gets fired from the movie SOMETHING'S GOT TO GIVE during her downward spiral and the movie never gets finished. Of the few things left from the film, we're lucky we got a scene where the sex icon flirtatiously plays in a pool in only her birthday suit. Boy...they really don't make 'em like they used to...


The whole movie SWIMMING POOL pretty much belongs in this spot. Whenever you want some steamy sexy time in a movie just let the French handle it and if possible bring in Ludivine Sagnier to touch herself and the result will be le trés bonerific.


The year was 1982 and teens from that era were forever visited by Phoebe Cates in their wet dreams and who can blame them... it's a classic scene we're the adorable actress showed us a more adventurous side as she emerged dripping wet from a pool, in slow-mo of course, but the cherry on top was when she ends up taking her bikini top off. Fast boner times ahead.


This scene gets all the sexy points because it not only features some sexy and wet naked ladies, but because they also end up making out with each other, chest bumping and everything. It's definitely a thing of beauty, a WILD thing if you will.



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