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09.19.2012by: Cherry Liquor

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Girls Next Door

If Jennifer Lawrence is the hottie who is living in HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET, it just brings to mind that the trend of babes moving in on your neighborhood block. In the movies. In reality, you'll never see a JLaw strolling past your house, walking the dog. You all can't be THAT lucky.

10 - Marilyn Monroe (THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH)

One of the most iconic images from movie history ever, Marilyn Monroe getting a blast up her dress (lovingly mocked many years later in THE HOUSE BUNNY, with more realism) to the delight of her downstairs neighbor, Richard Sherman, the man who can't decide if he's happy with his life now that he believes it's half-way over. Most people forget that Marilyn wasn't even given a name in the film (her credit is "The Girl") and that the movie was more about the moral implications of what a family/married man was obligated to do back in the mid-fifties.


She might not have had a lot of intense acting to do while she was portraying Kara, the former little kid who used to be babysat by neighbor Jim when he was back in high school, but Ali Cobrin makes a major impression as a just-turned 18-year old who wants to put the moves on her former crush next door. She gets all topless (and what a wonderful pair of natural wonders this girl has) when getting a ride home after getting drunk at a party that Jim and the crew shouldn't have tried to crash.

8 - Keri Russell (8 DAYS A WEEK)

Frankly, I've never seen this movie. I believe that the only reason why it's gotten attention so long after its release date was because Keri was featured as the cute neighbor girl who goes for a frolic in the sprinklers wearing a cut-off wife-beater and no bra. While she might not be packing Diora Baird heat up front, moist perky nipples are most definitely, without argument, a WIN.


Not only is it great to have a model living next door to you, it's got to be something to make coming home worthwhile, the fluttering of your heart, hoping to get the chance to ride the elevator with her. In the first movie, poor Harold could barely talk to Maria. By the time we hit the third, awesomely 3D'ed installment (I'll concede that the H&K XMAS was one of my favorite 3D experiences worth paying for), Roldie was married to her and attempting to put a baby up in that. Not too shabby.

6 - Susan Ward (SHALLOW HAL)

What I always found curious about the hot neighbor who lived across the hall from Jack Black's image-obsessed Hal is that even after he was given the vision to see what people really looked like based on the quality of their insides, Susan still stayed as hot as she was in the beginning when we first got a look at her character Jill. Her personality began to reveal not so nice stuff about her, but she still looked good.... so what did that mean?

5 - Eva Mendes (STUCK ON YOU)

If there's one thing that the Farrellys get right, it's casting hot babes to be in league with their leading nerds. Never a dull moment in FaBros productions, especially when it's Eva Mendez living next to the Siamese twins of Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon. This is the movie that made me like Eva. Still not certain if I would want her ditzy character living next door to me, though.

4 - Sarah Roemer (DISTURBIA)

I think Sarah was the only thing that I paid attention to when I decided to catch this movie at the $2 second-run movie theater in my town. I was bored, it was the next movie starting, this hot blonde in a bikini was next door to The Beef, back when I still thought he was a cute, awkward kid. Forget the craptasticness of the film and just zone in on Sarah. She's so worth it.

3 -Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory)

I'm cheating on this one mainly because it's one of my favorite shows to zone out on. Don't lie, you all have those syndicated shows that you'll watch over and over, even if you've seen the episodes a thousand times just because it's like coming home to something comforting. And this is about having a sexy neighbor to bug, asking for comfort. Who wouldn't want Penny Penny Penny to sit next to them in bed and sing about soft pussies?

2 - Chris Evans (WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER?)

You're going to have to bust out your "I'm comfortable in my sexuality enough to say that I'd do Chris Evans" banter on this one, fellas. I'm a chick. Chicks visit this site. Chris Evans with a towel barely covering his sweet spot? Don't even think of arguing this hotass neighbor selection.

1 - Elisha Cuthbert (THE GIRL NEXT DOOR)

With a title like that, it's a bit hard to ignore the fact that Elisha Cuthbert belongs on this list. When you think about the movie - former underage porn star looking the restart her life in the quiet suburbs only to have her past haunt her and fall in love with a short dude. It's a guy's wet dream. Especially that wet shirt scene.



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