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11.28.2012by: Cherry Liquor

The Sexy Ten Spot: Sexiest Side & Underboobs

Cleavage gets a lot of attention. It's like the super smart child in the family who happens to also rock at sports and the entire family stops to pause and praise and ogle and fawn over. Thing is, the cousins of cleavage - sideboob and underboob - are often overlooked and without any good reason whatsoever. I've decided that they need some extra attention and I'm sure you'll agree with my logic process. That being - Boobs are Awesome!

Classic Sideboob # 3 - Britney Spears

Admit it... back in the day most of you dudes jerked it to Brit-Brit. The snake draped over her shoulders as she sang about being your slave. The flesh colored bodysuit she stripped down to that had rhinestones in all the seductive places. The questions after she was of legal age as to whether she had implants or not. Britney might have had a long, twisted road since her earlier years but we'll always have her classic side mammaries.

Classic Sideboob # 2 - Anne Hathaway

Because she was almost a Disney princess, it was this naughtiness that brought all of our collective lines of sight to Anne Hathaway's boobs whenever she dressed up for fancy affairs. Seeing straight through her black shirt (classic image in its own rite) was one thing, but this iconic image of Hathaway at some high-falootin' shindig is another. Over the years, while she's still tried to work magic by popping her puppies out in movies, they haven't looked like they used to and I'd prefer to remember them in their hey day.

Classic Sideboob # 1 - Angelina Jolie

I'm not going to place her on the main list of my current favorite boob bearers, as Jolie has not looked this good since... well, since she looked this good and crazy. It's been years since the thick, juicy boobs of yore were not Photoshopped in magazine layouts to look better than they actually do. This was back when Angie was crazy but holy hell was she the best sideboob in town back then.

10 - Marisa Miller

Get ready, get set.... disagree! I'll let you in on a little spoiler when it comes to this Sexy Spot list - Kate Upton is not on it. I get it, the woman has great tits. We all understand that and agree to it, right? So you can disagree right now that my SI: Swimsuit model choice, Marisa Miller, isn't as pop culture popular right now as Upton. Then you can look long and hard at her sideboob and ass crack and try to tell me with a straight face that she's not fine with a capital F. My decision remains solid. Miller sideboob = noteworthy.

9 - Emilie de Ravin

There were people who hated her when she started her role on "Roswell," (at the time the show was airing, I was one of them... I don't remember watching much of the show after she was added to the cast) and being considered amongst "Lost" fans as being the second most irritating character after Shannon (I watched the whole series in about 3 week's time a couple years after its pandemonium wore done and suffice it to say, I ultimately loathed that show), I won't deny that I can't deny Emilie de Ravin's charms. For someone who puts off a strange "hate on me" vibe when she's acting in roles, I think she's positively gorgeous... and quite nicely gifted in the sideboob department.

8 - Anna Torv

I gotta say, I bought the first season of "Fringe" on DVD because Anna Torv piques my curiosity. I know I should be into the show for Joshua Jackson or whatever the hell subject matter that the storyline is about, but it's the elusiveness of Torv and how she can pop up in roles, be excellent, show up in magazine shoots and look gorgeous but never appear on the front cover of gossip rags that really gets me. A professional hottie with a great underboob body.

7 - Kaley Cuoco

After appearing nude in Allure magazine, I think there wasn't a single woman on the planet who could try to tear down Kaley Cuoco. She's got a spunk to her that is infectious (after nearly needing to have her leg amputated from a freak accident after a horse riding accident, the actress just returned to her lessons this year, undaunted and placing no blame on the animal for the injury) and stars on a show where she's been the lead female calling the shots for some years now. If you can't appreciate that, she's got more quality on her rack than an entire bookstore.

6 - Gabrielle Union

There are other options I could have gone with in the chocolate category besides Gabrielle, I suppose, but because she so infrequently flashes more than a modest amount of skin, I gotta throw her some love. There's something about this shot, where she's reflected in the glass, that I love to stare at. Sure, we've seen better cleavage shots of hers but the perfection of the perfectly formed smaller sideboob is mesmerizing.

5 - Emmanuelle Chriqui

As I was in an email discussion with Mr. JoBlo himself not too long ago, I found myself waxing lesbionic over Emmanuelle, one of my long-time fem crushes. I'm not embarrassed to admit that 100 GIRLS is one of my low-budget, should-be-secret/guilty pleasures and I've remained faithful to her goodness over the years. She's a Canuck with a whispering lilt of a voice who cares about animals and the environment and girl is STACKED. Wins for everyone!

4 - Lucy Pinder

She's not some big name actress or singer but Lucy Pinder has been making a living out of just how awesome her 2 breast friends are. A regular Nuts topless model, I find her ever the more intriguing when she does a pose such as this classic Superman half-shirt one, putting her underboob cleavage on display. Thank you, UK, for the Pinderliciousness.

3 - Katy Perry

She was on the beach in Santa Barbara, the place she calls home (although all of us from this neck of the woods know that she was really from Goleta), when she did the infamous topless/fishnetted photoshoot for Rolling Stone magazine in promotion of her Teenage Dream album. Katy has always been known for her boobs but it's this shot that could easily be the most iconic of all the photos of her chest meat.

2 - Kat Dennings

The only reason why I can't give this a tie for top spot is because I feel a teensy bit bad that the image of Kat's glorious side boob (and the more salacious alternatives) was hacked out of her phone or sold from an ex-boyfriend or whatever, so it makes me feel guilty for the girl. Then again, I can't think of another woman who is as fine, sassy, sexy and breastacular as Kat these days, so here we go!

1 - Lake Bell

This picture of Lake Bell's massive and totally epic underboob was taken by Scott Caan when he was trying to be all artsy photographer-like and create a coffee table book of black and white images. Yeah, who the hell cares what excuse he gave to Lake in order to get her to pose for one of my all-time favorite images - underboob or not - ever.



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