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07.25.2012by: Cherry Liquor

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Movie Aliens

It's hard for me to crack jokes when there's been so much tragedy going on related to movies recently. It's also interesting that the dude behind THE WATCH (renamed recently to distance itself from the Zimmerman tragedy) is also the same Ben Stiller who had his ZOOLANDER movie released almost immediately following 9/11. So let's just focus on hot-ass aliens to take our mind off such other things, OK?

10 - Sif (THOR)

Sif is the goddess of war, but she hails from another universe, therefore qualifying her as an alien being. Right? Hell, even if I'm not right, there's no way that I can overlook this babe. Luckily for all of us, Jaimie Alexander will be returning in 2013 as Sif for the THOR: THE DARK WORLD sequel. Let's see if we can convince the producers to have her wear less clothing this time around.

9 - Serleena (MEN IN BLACK II)

I believe this is the last time that I considered Lara Flynn Boyle to be remotely attractive. After fighting constant tabloid rumours that she was the victim of an eating disorder, then that long public romance with Jack Nicholson (that car crash back in the dark ages of 1999? She ran away from Nicholson's car because she was dating David Spade at the time... now THAT'S some alien shit right there), in 2002 Boyle signed on to morph into a lingerie wearing super-alien with a two-headed Johnny Knoxville sidekick. They really do do wonders, those magical bras.


No need for the Spoiler Alert warning considering that the not-so-secret spoiler is that Kim Basinger is an alien life form who has come down to planet Earth is seduce the dude who has no clue how he screwed up her home planet and needs to marry the guy in order to figure out the solution. Basinger was hot when she did that striptease for Mickey Rourke in 9 1/2 WEEKS but she was wreck-your-pants hot when she did the same for Dan Aykroyd.

7 - Kitty (COCOON)

Tahnee Welch has this glow about her. Maybe it's because she's the daughter of legendary Raquel Welch. Maybe it's because she was cast as an alien named Kitty in the 1985 senior-citizens wet dream movie, COCOON. Maybe it's because she has the ability to light a dude up during sex without even touching him. Whatever the case, Tahnee is an unforgettable addition to the overindulgence of the '80's.

6 - Number 6 (I AM NUMBER FOUR)

If you're going to have a chick who can repel fire, might as well make it plausible by casting one of the hottest actresses you can find. Teresa Palmer excelled at showing a clueless Alex Pettyfer just how fantastic being an alien could be. Mainly by blowing shit up, straddling a motorcycle and doing things without the help of a human bodyguard. Yes, I'm purposefully putting Number 6 at number six. Cheeseball me.

5 - Alien Parasite (THE FACULTY)

Not only did this alien not discriminate (SPOILER ALERT: it embodied many different actors/actresses from the cast), it also seemed to have an uncanny ability to take shape of the hottest chicks in the doomed high school. I could use a number of different images from the film, but how about Laura Harris, since she's the most nude?

4 - Sil (SPECIES)

Natasha Henstridge was only 20-years old in the first of the SPECIES movie, looking very much like intelligent life forms from other planets understood that if you wanted to successfully take-over Earth, you needed to make your recruits look like Barbie come to life. Biggest drawback? She knew with one sniff if you were unworthy of her affections and the end result was decidedly fatal.


Reconstructed from just a hand, dressed up in Gautier right out the gate and displaying the most Technicolored variation on what many might construe as a ginger certified hair color, it's LeeLoo that you most want to Big-Bada-Boom with. After you've taken her out for a dinner of chick-en and finished off the night with some Multipass action.


The title of the movie should easily give away the fact that there are aliens involved in the story line, but for those of you who missed the movie, excuse any potential "spoiler alert" proclamations as I have to include Olivia Wilde's cowgirl alien goddess Ella high up on my list of Hottest Aliens.

1 - Thor (THOR)

You could call him a demigod if you really wanted to, but I'd prefer to think of him as an extraordinary extraterrestrial who gets me extra of everything extra. Chris Hemsworth is one mighty fine creature from a realm outside of Earth, thus making him alien enough for me. And then some.



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