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01.16.2013by: Cherry Liquor

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest ABC Family Chicks

I'm writing this as I prep myself for another new episode of "Pretty Little Liars." Hell, I could have done this entire sexy 10 spot on the women from that show alone but in good conscience, I had to include some of the other fine faces that have come from shows we would have never tuned into because they were on ABC Family... except all of us have a little twistedness in us regarding how close we are with some "family," don't we?

10 - Nia Peeples (Pretty Little Liars)

This is a horrible way to start off. No, not with my choice of Nia Peeples, as one of the MILFs from "Pretty Little Liars," but the fact that I have to admit that I didn't recognize the actress until I was mid-way through the first season of the show. The former "Fame" star, singer and everything else just turned 51-years old last month and holy hot f*ck on a stick does she look awesome. Far better than she did back in... hey, man! I'm not admitting MY age!

9 - Shailene Woodley (Secret Life of the American Teenager)

Shailene Woodley is the lead American Teenager they're referring to in the title of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," a show once considered too laughable to make it beyond a first season. A young girl gets pregnant and decides to keep the baby, what is this, "8th Heaven?" Then Shailene became the hot daughter of George Clooney in THE DESCENDANTS and had some serious contention for an Oscar and now the show will probably be on the air until her on-screen baby is the next knocked up teen on TV.

8 - Constance Marie (Switched at Birth)

Constance Marie is the other great MILF of ABC Family television land (I understand that there are others I could have considered but she's one of the two in MY personal top ten) who has been flying under the radar as the mom of one of the teen girls who were "Switched at Birth" in the show of the same name. Previously the MILF of "George Lopez" show, the thing I might possibly love most about this Latina hottie is that she's for reals, yo. As in, she was born in East L.A. And she makes you feel hot south of your border.

7 - Troian Bellisario (Pretty Little Liars)

I find myself completely intrigued in a show about how long they can drag out the Laura Palmer "who killed her?!?!" trick and I don't even care. Especially when Troian Bellisario is playing the character I most identify with. As Spencer, Troian is smart, driven, paranoid, screwing the boy who used to live next door and a leggy babe with a bewitching butt chin. Except, I don't have the butt chin. Ha.

6 - Renee Olstead (Secret Life of the American Teenager)

I could have chosen from one of the elicit and very XXX-rated images of Renee Olstead that were leaked online after her cell phone was hacked, but this is the Sexy Ten Spot for the chicks of ABC Family, for goodness' sake! As a side character on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," Olstead definitely was a lot cleaner earlier on in the show, the few times that I caught "The Soup" making fun of scenes from it. I won't lie to you, I haven't watched the show, I just know Renee is a hottie.

5 - Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars)

Moreno is going to kill me when he figures out that I've placed his girl in a coffin again, although there are plenty of women out there who wouldn't mind getting cozy with a corpse for a Top 5 spot. Lucy Hale has absolutely amazing green eyes, brunette hair and is (as her character of Aria was once referred to on the show) "little but big" in the best of ways. Seeing that Hale has been gaining in popularity outside of the parameters of "Pretty Little Liars," to a degree that the rest of the cast hasn't experienced yet, I'd say she's mighty big indeed.

4 - Jaimie Alexander (Kyle XY)

She got her start on "Kyle XY" before she got looked over by Thor as the ever-suffering heroine, Sif, so Jaimie Alexander, while hot... hot... hot... right now, can't really rank TOO high on the ABC Family hottie list because, well, she was "Jessi XX" on a freakin' ABC Family show. Seriously, though, the women is definitely toasted bread buttered to perfection on a cold morning.

3 - Alice Greczyn (The Lying Game)

One of the newer shows on the network, "The Lying Game," isn't one that I've gotten into yet so I'm not entirely sure where hottie Alice Greczyn fits in. She's not the show's lead, I figured that much out (while Alexandra Chando is the same age as Greczyn - nearly 27 - she's just not this hot) and I might eventually figure out what's going on with that drama, seeing as how it just took the prime time slot after PLL. Then again, I already feel guilty enough with knowing that number on the cable box ABC Family is...

2 - Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars)

Good little Hanna Banana, the girl in the "Pretty Little Liars" show who was "fat" at one point in the history of the teen thriller-drama, it's the icy cold blue of Ashley Benson's eyes that draw you in. The pouty lips that curl at the corners like a ribbon on a package, the good-girl images that gets shattered every time she opens your mouth and you find yourself wanting to crawl inside. Now, if SPRING BREAKERS could only get a wide release.

1 - Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars)

Beautiful and yet sporty, exotic and yet the perfect representation of what could easily be described as an All-American beauty, Shay Mitchell ranks at the top spot on my list because it's awesome to see her so casually be one of the few "out" character on television, especially as a high school student on an ABC Family Channel show. We have to thank Sara Shepard for writing the books, but it's Mitchell who brings the role of Emily to gorgeous life.



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