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02.20.2013by: Cherry Liquor

The Sexy Ten Spot: Gorgeous Golden Goddess

The Oscars are headed our way (or the Academy Awards, if you're snooty like that) and there's going to be a lot of talk about the gold getting given away. So I went in search not for those who have won gold in the past (although there's one in there) or those who are nominated (one of those too) but rather some of the women who look more fetching in gold than any naked dude holding a sword does.

10 - Sandra Bullock

She's won the gold and despite what many people feel about the choices she makes in movie roles, she brings the gold. Sandra Bullock is still the number one biggest female draw at the box office, bringing in more people on her name alone than any other actress working today. That counts for being goldenly delicious, doesn't it?

9 - Kirsten Dunst

She brought it on, she was the cat's meow, and let us not forget, her first kiss was with Brad Pitt. Now Kirsten Dunst is all grown up and looking it. Sometimes for the worst, in this case for the better. When she's hot, she's rather scorching.

8 - Lily Collins

As I watched BEAUTIFUL CREATURES at the movie theater this past weekend (What?? I read the book, it was good and the cast had some impressive names) I overheard a gaggle of teen girls making commentary over the trailers. One of them suggested that Lily Collins be more interested in getting her eyebrows waxed than figuring out her character's mysterious background in THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS. I still say she's a cutie, in cold, with them big ass caterpillars in tow.

7 - Megan Fox

I was not on the Megan Fox bandwagon when she blew up after the first TRANSFORMERS movie was released. She started saying some really stupid, uneducated things in interviews, as if no one had prepped her or she thought she was too good to go along with the advice. But since FRIENDS WITH KIDS and THIS IS 40, I'm slowly coming around. Is Megan still hot? I'd like to be able to say that she's hotter since had her own kid... and learned a heckuva lot more decorum.

6 - Mariah Carey

Some love her, some hate her. Some mock her and taunt her, others idolize her. Seeing as how she's one of the new judges on "American Idol," I'm going to come clean and say that while I do not understand the weirdness of her divahood, I've always thought that Mariah Carey was an unbelievably beautiful woman. And unlike the other judge who thinks she's a diva but has no musical talent (*cough*NickiMinaj*cough*), Mariah is no joke when it comes to being able to belt out a tune like any other.

5 - Alicia Machado

Alicia Machado is a telenovela hottie who needs far more exposure. Hailing from Venezuela, she's a former Miss Universe with a bit of a dispute as to her age. Some sources list her as being 43-years old (GOLDEN!!), while others claim that she's 37. In either case, go searching for some more images of her. You'll thank me. After you're done washing your hands, you pervs.

4 - Emma Watson

It's funny how she was at the height of her legal-aged hotness, Emma Watson was featured in this splashy fashion ad, back with her long locks. I see this as funny since Watson only really became a super attractive babe-and-a-half in my opinion when I read her defend Kristen Stewart like the super classy chick that she is. If that isn't golden, I don't know what is.

3 - Jennifer Lawrence

If I get my wish, Jennifer Lawrence will win the Best Actress Oscar next Sunday (even though she deserved it more for WINTER'S BONE) but as I know the stupid politics of that award game, I know she won't. If I eat my words, I'd like to think they'd be golden, as JLaw looks here.

2 - Heather Graham

Because I am old as f*ck, I remember back when Details magazine was structured more like Maxim is now, and I originally went looking for a good image of Heather Graham from when she appeared on a Details cover as Rollergirl from BOOGIE NIGHTS. Found this picture instead. Can't complain one single bit.

1 - Aishwarya Rai

She hasn't been getting a lot of play these days, at least when it comes to English language movies, but the drop-dead gorgeous Aishwarya Rai looks particularly sensational in the precious metal tone. Now, if I can only grasp the fact that she's turning 40 in November this year...



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