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05.29.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Top 10 Babes Who Can Drive Your Car

I've seen the haters complain about the popularity of the FAST & FURIOUS franchise but I have to ask, with box office returns like the 6th installment had over the weekend, do we really have to get into that "it's cool to hate this because its numbers prove that it's popular" debate? Babes, flesh, fast cars, and a cast full of characters who aren't out of the same cereal box ethnically. Shaddup about it already. How about some babes you'd let drive your car? For me, these are the ten (11?) that do it.

10 - Moon Bloodgood

I love this picture of Moon Bloodgood. I think she was the pilot of the plane in EIGHT BELOW. Which starred Paul Walker. I don't know if I'd let her drive a vehicle if it came back this rusty, but damn. If she was wearing what she's wearing here, I might have to give it some seriously debatable thought.

9 - Blake Lively

I liked the crazy Blake who was in THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS. I know that after "Gossip Girl" she became known as more sophisticated, more chic. Call me nutty but a crazy chick can always drive like the dickens and please like there's no tomorrow in sight. Win-muthaeffing-win.

8 - Amber & Angela Cope

Amber and Angela Cope look like the twins that Heidi Montag never realized were in her family. But in reality, the Hope twins are both professional NASCAR drivers who began racing go-carts when they were only 9 years old. (Angela is on the left and Amber is on the right.) While Amber is the better looking of the twins (such a bizarre concept, but a nose job really pays off), Angela is the better driver. I'd let either of them chauffeur me around in a heartbeat.

7 - Emmanuelle Chriqui

I'm trying desperately to think of a movie or a TV program that Emmanuelle Chriqui showed off her driving talents in. I'm coming up dry. However, when I look at Em in a bikini in a car, I'm anything but. I've had a thing for this woman since 100 GIRLS and even if you all think it's a stupid movie/guilty pleasure, I still love this woman to bits and pieces.

6 - Natalie Martinez

So, from what I've heard there was a sequel to the 2008 version of DEATH RACE that starred Lauren Cohan from "The Walking Dead." OK, but tell me why I should watch that one or the third installment when the first one had not only my crush Jason Statham (and admit it, he's the guy most of you would go gay for) but the hottest of the hot Natalie Martinez, in the film? She can drive, she can navigate, as long as she's sitting close to me.

5 - Gal Gadot

I flipped over in my mind a bunch of times which of the babes from the FAST & FURIOUS franchise should make it onto the list. Really, there's only two realistic choices. Because I envy the fact that Gal's character Gisele ended up with Han (the yellow fever inducing hottie that is Sung Kang - my lord that Asian touches all my persuasions), I am giving Gal Gadot the middle spot props.

4 - Olga Kurylenko

If James Bond can trust Olga Kurylenko behind the wheel, do I really need to further explain why she ranks so high on my list? Seriously, this woman, in a little cabin so close you can smell the scent of her laundry detergent? Tell me you wouldn't crack.

3 - Michelle Rodriguez

I'm probably the only person who factored in Michelle Rodriguez's performance in GIRL FIGHT as just one of the many reasons why I wanted to go watch the original THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS in the theaters. I can also freely admit that my Y2K was pretty sucky and watching that movie made me happy. Which is the kind of thing that you remember. Letty was as important to me as she was to Dom, probably moreso. I grew up with girls like her, next door, the street over. My crush on MRod has remained for over a decade. I'd let her to ANYTHING to me.

2 - Amber Heard

Stop focusing on Amber Heard the lesbian and start realizing that while the movie DRIVE ANGRY might have sucked, the woman doesn't eff around when it comes to her cars. Piece of evidence? She drives quality stock during her off-camera days. If she can pony up, I'd be at her reins in no time flat.

1 - Danica Patrick

Well, I suppose that I could have picked someone less obvious, but it is what it is in this industry. While she might not have the most coveted ranking in the professional racing business, Danica Patrick has made waves and hard. If a regular nobody who has no concept of which women race cars other than "that Danica Patrick chick," it's safe to say that she'd be an ideal DD. I know she's barely a B, but you know what I mean...



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