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05.11.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: The Movie Fans Have Spoken

Not too long ago, a competition took place in the social sector of the The JoBlo Movie Network; The Movie Fan Central's Sexiest Woman Alive competition was held and during a few days, users picked their favorites, campaigned and voted on hottie brackets. Blood was shed, friendships were torn but in the end it was all worth it; these were the results of the top six.

Major props to user WalkAway who managed to put all of this together and is one of the reasons why MFC is the shiznit and as an added bonus she herself is one "movie" away from being a total moviehottie.

6. Carla Gugino

We kick off this list with a great entry. Here at MovieHotties we've shown a lot of love to Carla Gugino and her hotness, she was once Hottie of the Month and at some point she even became the basis of another Sexy Six. Her curves and sultriness warranted that she make it this far but one look at those eyes and it makes me wonder why she didn't make it higher.

5. Sofia Vergara

I have proclaimed before how I've become a convert to the awesomeness that is Sofia Vergara, I wasn't a fan but after a second look and one black hair dye after from her part, my opinions changed. Not only is she muy caliente but it turns out she's also very funny as well and in my eyes that is MUY sexy so her spot here is well earned.

4. Mila Kunis

First she upstaged Kristen Bell in FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL and then she gave us one of the most memorable lesbian sex scenes out there. It's no wonder that Mila Kunis would end up being a fan favorite and me being a fan of hers since her stint as the bitchy but still yummy Jackie in "That 70's Show", makes me a happy camper ready to pop a tent knowing that she made it this far.

3. Kristen Bell

Well according to fellow schmoes, Jason Segel should have stuck with Kristen Bell after all, that is if we were talking about the real Kristen Bell, the geektastic cutie queen of our fanboy hearts. While her inclusion in the winners circle is the one I disagree with the most, I can't deny her nerdy allure and how BELLisima she can be.

2. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

This is what you get when you mix pretty with sexy, the all around goodness that is Mary Elizabeth Winstead. WIN is pretty much in her name and WIN she did as she obtained a very deserving second place. She pretty much represents the new school of hotties and brings in that certain je ne sais quoi to the table which may have something to do with hipness, coolness and being totally babealicious.

1. Monica Bellucci

It's in the name. La bella Bellucci makes it to number one and I couldn't agree more with this outcome. If you don't agree that she's the ALL TIME sexiest, I know that you can at least accept she's pretty close and as far as movie hotties are concerned, all movies becomes way hotter with a little Monica in it. Just look at the Matrix sequels. This is one of those cases where the hottie in mind has only gotten better with age and even by Hollywood's apparent age standards Monica Bellucci is still one very hot salacious mama. The schmoes have chosen, wisely.

So there you go folks. These are the sexiest women alive according to a democracy of fanboys like you and me. If you disagree you can at least say it's ten thousand times better than Maxim's hottest of the year.



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