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04.13.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Schoolgirls

One of the most common fetishes in the world is that of the schoolgirl. Iím not going to go all Freud and ask WHY? I think I shall just dig into this edition of The Sexy Six without digging into the collective social psyche, although I should clarify that the schoolgirl fantasy is more about the clothes and the strippification of it. Which basically means that the people in charge of movies KNOW people like me go nuts with ladies in short plaid and/or pleated skirts, stockings and low cut midriff bearing blouses.

HONORABLE MENTION: Lindsay Lohan as Hermione

Remember Lindsay Lohanís hotness? I think the last time I saw it was in this SNL sketch where she interpreted a well developed Hermione Granger much to the surprise of Horny Potter and the rest of her Hogwarts peers. Itís not as hot nor as funny but it still ends up being an honorable memorable moment in sexiness.

The girls at St. Trinianís

ST. TRINIANíS is a popular franchise in the UK that features a boarding school overrun by itís student body and boy what bodies does it feature. Each girl is supposed to represent a different clique, the goth, the nerd, the ďposh tottyĒ but most of them can pull of the naughty schoolgirl look, even the ones in the b&w films where rocking the skirt and the fish nets. In the newer version the girls upgraded to stockings and garter belts. Among those who wear them are hotties like Juno Temple, Lily Cole & Gemma Arterton.

5. D.E.B.S.

Imagine the girls at St. Trinianís but give then guns. +1 in sexiness. Spies, lesbians, schoolgirls. What more do you want from D.E.B.S. (Discipline, Energy, Beauty, and Strength)? How about a pair of sexy legs and a yummy tummy? Meagan Good & Devon Aoki especially are able to bring the goods in their uniform and get to kick ass while theyíre at it.

4. Dodger Allen

The gorgeous redhead known as Lindy Booth plays conniving bitch Dodger Allen in CRY WOLF, a schoolgirl who starts getting the blame for some murders committed after she planned to make up the idea of a serial killer on the loose, but we all know things never turn out perfectly in these types of flicks. Guess she didnít take common horror movie sense 101 but itís cool, Iíd love to take the opportunity to show this schoolgirl a thing or two and spend sometime in her detention.

3. Serena van der Woodsen

Hereís a girl thatís always true to her name as she manages to liven up a room with her lively beauty. Sure, I hear Blake Lively plays a bitch in ďGossip GirlĒ but let me share a little secret of my own, make her smile and she lights up a room, if sheís on bitch mode just take a gander at her legs and you can spend endless hours gazing into the infinity and beyond. Thank you skirt, I totally just got a van der Woodsen.

2. Francesca Curtis

Scarlett Johansson is one of my all time favorite hotties, after films like LOST IN TRANSLATION and THE GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING she became in my honest and humble opinion not just a pretty face but before I saw those films I remember watching a trailer of THE PERFECT SCORE where this punky burgundy haired schoolgirl with some luscious lips appeared for about two seconds. Just that alone made me want to see this movie. Far from a perfect score but all the scenes where Scarlett is appears as Francesca Curtis makes me drool the night away. What's the study of fruit called? I don't know but I feel like learning more about cherries and i want Johansson to be my fu... my study buddy.

1. Denise Richards in a threesome

Oh WILD THINGS, you definitely do make things go a little wild, I had to throw out a couple of pillows back then because of the unspeakable things I did to them. It feels like something straight out of out M. Night Shyamalanís wettest dreams. What a kinky twist!

In this infamous scene Matt Dilon, Neve Campbell and Denise Richards celebrate their success in the best way imaginable. The treatment of the scene can be somewhat hilarious, I canít believe how much of a sleazebag Matt Dillon is (equal parts lucky SOB) and I always feel bad for Neve Campbell as it looks like she ends up on the short end of the di.. of the stick. Of course, who can blame olí Mattie, because hot damn he has little slutty schoolgirl Denise Richards in front of him all sweaty and hot. With that ass I would have said Neve who? And this scene just proves what I said since my Sexy Six Cheerleaders Column. Itís all about the practicality, the easy access, once more I have to say, thank you skirt.

So there you go, the top ass kicking, slutty, conniving, naughty, sexy ass schoolgirls, doesnít matter if they did their homework or not, these girls are begging for a spanking.

Donít forget to share your thoughts down below, no need to raise your hand (you might need it for something else), just remember that all of these chicks are actual schoolgirls, comeback in 2 weeks as I will continue with more skirt goodness. Class dismissed.



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