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12.20.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Santa Babes

It's that time again. Of carols and fake snow, of lights and gift cards, of fruit cakes and last minute shopping and whether you're soaked in the Christmas spirit, you don't celebrate or you're just bah-humbuging through it all, I'm sure there's at least one thing we can all be grateful for during this season, and that is slutty Santas. They're probably not the real Santas, maybe just some of the elite Santa's helpers or maybe just Santa's hohohoes but there's something about a sexy girl donning a tight and puffy red and white dress that can make even the scroogiest of scrooges believe in the holidays.

6 - Michelle Monaghan

Equal parts cutie and part sex bombshell, she looks like the kind of girl you can have a giggle or go grinding furiously in a night club, and I think that such combination of naughty AND nice is what makes her a perfect candidate to wear some sexy santa getup.

5 - Katy Perry

If there's one hottie that represents the Christmas spirit is Katy Perry, she has donned the X-mas outfits time and time again that she's just begging to be unwrapped. In fact, the previous Christmas Sexy Six was dedicated to all of Perry's Holiday goodness. So even if she wasn't a hot little sparrow all of the time, her dedication would be enough to warrant her a place on this list.

4 - Anna Friel

Well isn't this a very nifty xxx-mas surprise, while researching for some santa babies I came upon Anna Friel and the photo shoot she did for Tatler, I just had to add her naughty & nice sexy cuteness. The whole Santa thing is even kinda lost between the high levels of adorable that the English tart brought but fortunately the added a Santa hat just so I could consider her part of this years' Holiday Sexy Six.

3 - Alison Brie

I love how "Community" started showing us the simple & nerdy side of Annie Edison and has progressively been sexing her up. Come next season she'll start showing up only in bra and panties (more reasons to start giving the show some support y'all!). Let's say the latest episode was the last ever (knock on wood) at least we would end with a sexbomb as Annie asks in a dumb alluring way to help her understand Christmas. It also helps that it was damn hilarious. Boopy Doopy Doo Boop SEX!

2 - Mean Girls

This was probably the inspiration for this list but while I had a bit of trouble tracking down sexy Christmas scenes in film there was never a doubt that MEAN GIRLS had to be included in any way possible. Give it up for the hottest quartet ever comprised of Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert and Lindsay Lohan (during the peak of her hotness) who dressed in the topical red & white and shook up their fake school raising a few... eyebrows and jingling a few bells.

1 - Kelly Brook

I already had the MEAN GIRLS sequence set to be #1 but the last few days brought a sexy little nuget to fill my stockings and blew everything else out of the water and that is the ever luscious Kelly Brook. In fact, I won't say anything else... just watch the goddamn video.

Please Santa, there's only one thing I want this Christmas and that is Kelly Brook, at least for the sheer pleasure of unwrapping her myself.

Merry F*cking Christmas



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