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01.19.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Party Chicks from the Golden Globes

Hey there, welcome to another edition of The Sexy Six, for this entry, I took a loong, hard, very hard look at those hotties that were present at last Sunday's Golden Globes event but to give you something a little bit more different than what you already saw in the red carpet and the pics our great amigo Seth Gecko shared with us. I decided to wonder over to the events surrounding the awards show and choose who wore it best?! So lets take it out of the red carpet shall we? As these lovely ladies brought their fancy dress A-game to the Golden Globes post celebrations. Party on dudettes!

6. Eva Longoria

A very underrated hottie who always seems to get it right during these celevents, Eva Longoria did it again. Even if the spicy mamacitita is somewhat laking in the boob department, her petite curvy figure is perfect for almost any dress, especially the form fitting ones and maybe in the future no dress at all? What say you Eva?

5. Christina Hendricks

Three cheers for the voluptuous Christina Hendricks! Who along with her redheaded locks she should always wear red, forever and ever, that's totally her trademark. It just works! Her dress also goes to show you that she doesn't need to go heavy with the cleavage and release her golden globes, a tight dress encompassing those yummy curves works just fine.

4. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde totally dazzled with her big dress, she looked like a princess, always sporting a smile worthy of royalty. While nothing will surpas her look as Quorra in TRON: LEGACY with her jet black short hair, well, this is real life yo! I can accept the princess look. It may be cliché to say it but F it, I am WILD for Wilde. She's sparklingly gorgeous.

3. Kelly Brook

The ever delicious Kelly Brook made the rounds during party time on Sunday as well. I just love how this chick can fill the roles of a hot-naked/in-a-bikini pinup and that of a glamorous Hollywood starlet. How many times have you wished one of these award celebrities got down and dirty with a porn star, and better yet underwater? Well K-Brook can provide you with such satisfaction.

2. Odette Yutsman

Odette Yutsman is a newcomer in my own personal hottie scale, I've seen some of her work and pictures but I was never impressed until now, with a simple dress that did not need to reveal too much she looked so beautiful, so pretty. She's everything a pseudo hottie like Megan Fox wishes she could be, although in her defense, it's been quite a while since Fox looked that good but Odette totally said move it sista' I'm the one who's gonna rock his world from now on. Yep, they were talking about me.

1. Sofia Vergara

Please spare me a little of your time as I tell you the unnecessary story of my love for Sofia Vergara. Before showing up on the US radar I got to hear a lot of people drool over her but I just never got it, then CHASING PAPI came along and I rolled my eyes as far back as I could. I wasn't buying it, another latina trying to break in the biz. Suddenly, Ms. Vergara decided to straighten her hair and went all rolling stone with it and painted it black. It's amazing how much of a difference that made. Sofia then had my attention, the minimum amount. A few Moviehotties posts later and with her portrayal as Gloria in "Modern Family" I now love the hell out of her and whether she's just out and about in the streets of Hollywood or showcasing her breathtaking figure in events like the Golden Globes I can't help but stare and stare at her and her luscious figure. She's equal parts beauty, charm, style & full on hotness and she got to full on show it during this years Golden Globes.

So there you go schmoes and schmoettes, there were a lot of parties going on Sunday but according to the internet and as you can see by the backgrounds in the pics, most of the hottest of the hottest attended the InStyle/Warner Brothers shindig. I would have killed to be there and oogle at all the fine ladies in there, just imagine the possibilities, the hottest women on earth getting shit faced. The odds would be in my favor.



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