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09.30.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Lesbians Scenes

Have you ever been asked, why do you or why do men in general love lesbians? That query always baffles me. It’s so easy, what’s better than one hot chick? TWO hot chicks! And the fact that they want to touch and kiss each other just makes things more magical. It’d be weird if we DIDN’T like them. We’re in lesbians with lesbians! So for today, let’s honor the magnificence of girl-on-girl action in cinema.

I think it goes without saying that some fun explicit times are ahead so take all the NSFW precautions you may need. You’re welcome.


This is a scene to help you create a mental image when a girl you know mentions that they “experimented” a bit in college, so just switch Laura Harring’s or Naomi Watts’s face with said girl’s face. Better yet, put all three together as they explore and rub each other while realizing they like where this is going. Personally I loved where it all went in this David Lynch movie that gathered a strong fan base who never knew what the whole thing was about (but it has LESBIANS in it man!).


Ahh the late 90’s! Dennise Richards was in her prime and Neve Campbell was just fresh off the SCREAM movies trying to make some waves in a sleazefest film like WILD THINGS in which they definitely created some waves in this hot pool scene where we see them rub them titties together, too bad Neve didn’t want to show off her puppies as we were denied a close up boob-on-boob shot but thank the maker for our imaginations.


“Hey Randy, what’s with this euro-artsyfartsy crap?”

Now hold one minute, didn’t you know that European “artsy fartsy crap” is made so that we can enjoy all sorts of girl on girl scenes without feeling like a perv and yet making us seem sophisticated? Well that’s what this is and coming from someone like Julio Medem you bet your naked ass some sexiness is in store. In this case it’s simple enough, two girls are taking a shower together and they start singing bossa nova. While this isn’t necessarily anything to write penthouse about, right around the 1 minute mark BOOM! Their tits are touching and one starts to pleasure the other. Gods bless you sexy European cinema.


Atom Egoyan pretty much wants to make sexy European cinema in America and with CHLOE he made sure we were paying attention as Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore got their inner lezzie on.

It probably counts as the strangest lesbian pairing on this list, but I’ll be dammed if it isn’t one sizzling moment of steamy sexiness, and this just proves why girl on girl action is the most awesome ever. Picture a 40 year old dude with a 20 year old dude, no? OK, how about a 40 year old dude with a 20 year old girl? Still icky? How about a 40 year old woman with a 20 year old guy? Getting somewhere right? Now when we put a sexy 40 year old with a sexy 20 year old the result is something so beautiful that Liam Neeson is probably insisting a sequel be made. CHLOE 2.0: THE RISE OF THE SEXMACHINES.


Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly teach all the ladies in this list how to play rock, paper, scissors, vagina! In BOUND, another one of those films that became popular just because of their lesbian sex scene. We have the kissing, the leg action, the passion and Gina Gershon getting fingered silly all the way to a sensory explosion.

Who knew the Wachowski brothers had it in them?


I didn’t want to be too obvious with my #1 choice but after watching and rewatching this scene (and rewatching it again), it was no contest. Many of us went and saw the film just for this scene alone (don’t deny it!). I would have been a happy camper, popping a tent just by having that Portman masturbating scene but then along comes Mila Kunis and turns on the sexiness to the 69th power and oh dear lord did it get hot in here.

Just watch the damn scene. Mila Kunis gives Natalie Portman the ol’ “Aussie Kiss”. Bam! Best lesbian scene ever.



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