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08.03.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Kelly Brook Swimsuit Edition

We're midway through Summer and some people are experiencing some major heatwaves but prepare to set those fans to super-high and get those cold showers ready because it's about to get hotter.

Those who follow Moviehotties closely know that summer is the best time to visit the site as you'll get to see a lot of bikini action and more precisely it can't be summer without Kelly Brook as no other woman will give you as much action as her so it is with great GREAT pleasure that I bring you today's Sexy Six in which we'll look at some of the most Brookalicious swimsuits that Kelly has worn over the years.


To start of with a bang and pop here's a video that demonstrates the allure and the hotness of KB. She not only has one rocking bod, she relishes being in front of the camera showing lots of skin and a huge smile. Mix in that sexy accent and you get one of the hottest girls on the planet who just so happens loves to model bikinis. Score!


Let's start the countdown with a pic of the Brooktastic model/actress enjoying herself at the beach, notice how even with a one piece you can loose minutes admiring the view. Aside from the sexy white+red bathing suit, it's the moment that has been captured that earns the #6 spot, once again letting us see how Ms Brook loves what she does and how she's in her element frolicking at the beach.


I didn't really pay attention to the bikini in this photo, Can you blame me? It's all about the sultry moment and where our imaginations can take us. Is she undressing? Or dressing after a couple of very steamy situations? Is her left hand going any lower? Am I invited? Whatever the case I'm pretty sure it was fun and that this image is damn hot.


These are some more recent pictures where KB was splish-splashing in a cute little number showing off her dangerous curves. Boobs, legs, cuteness, hotness. That's all that I see.


I said it once and I'll say it again, the designer for Brook's swimsuit in PIRANHA 3D should have been nominated for a Best Costume Design Award. That sh*t is all kinds of magical. Even KBrook watches herself with such jubilant delight probably having naughty thoughts about a threesome with herself and co-star Riley Steely while considering to invite that writer of The Sexy Six.

Oh how I wish I was a piranha to eat her right there on the spot.


What I love about Kelly Brook is that she has this aura of good humor that removes any sort of vulgarity that can come from modeling skimpy outfits, teeny tiny bikinis and even when posing in the nude. I'm starting to sound repetitive but you can clearly see that she loves it and with that smile of hers that joy is infectious. She sometimes even manages to give off this glamorous vibe like in this picture with that fancy hat and the whole couture thing she has going on. No maitre d' would deny her service if she were to come up to any restaurant with this outfit. Later she would probably get invited to the kitchen to saute some meat & potatoes with her hotness.


Holy mother of goddesses! I thought I was going to make it but I won't I'm sorry, you must now excuse me for a bit, I need some time alone... apologies for that, I tried biting my fingers and crossing my legs but nothing worked. There was far too much sizzle in these images and this one with KB in the circle pattern b&w bikini was just too much to handle. I love the 60's motive she went with, she's just ripe to be featured in an homage to Federico Fellini and his love of the female form. Heck, have her in any film that shows HER female form and I'm there. She could play Bo Derek's part in a hypothetical remake of 10.

Well there you go my fellow bikini enthusiasts. This was NOT an easy list to make as Kelly Brook is like the hydra of hot bikini pictures, for every image I found, two hotter ones would pop-up. I'm still not completely convinced of my choices and I'm pretty sure there are some instances of Brook in a swimsuit that I missed, but consider this a taste of what she can bring when the summer comes a rolling... know what? I can't leave without showing you a handful of other great moments in Kelly Brook's Summer Swimsuit Extravaganza! There's far too much to see to just settle on SIX pictures (and a video) and that way you can share what your Sexiest Six looks like. Just do yourself a favor and click the following link



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