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06.22.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Ice Cream for Hotties

Summer has arrived (no, not that bitch Summer Finn, f*ck her) and we here at MovieHotties are ecstatic, it's pretty much our favorite season, things start to heat up and that means women start to take their clothes off, everybody's rockin', everybody's fruggin', and sometimes the lovely ladies just want to indulge in some ice cream which means we get a lot of accidental innuendo and thus begins today’s Sexy Six.

Readers beware: Excess of double entendres ahead.


I'm sorry Rachel but you won't be able to officially be in the Sexy Six for today, we were looking for ice cream cones, not ice cream bars, although there's something definitely honorable about you opening wide, ready to take it all in.

6. Emmy Rosuum

Oh hey Emmy Rossum, ice to see you (dammit Arnold, get out of my head!).

It seems the adorable Ms. Rossum also takes pleasure in a good ice cream cone here and there but the lickerish little minx likes to have more than she can handle as she's been caught TWICE licking two balls, or who knows? Maybe two balls are just perfect for her and her insatiable palate. I applaud her choice. You go girl! Show the world how it’s done, get those balls in your mouth.

5. Alessandra Ambrosio

Here’s another hottie that has been found to treat herself to a good ol’ frozen dessert, but here’s the kicker, it seems she’ll take it anywhere as you can see by the above picture. If someone randomly just whips it out she's bound to just take a lick.

So if you ever bump into Alessandra Ambrosio go ahead and show her your cone and ask her to lick it, lick it good.

I always try to not stray away from MOVIE hotties but while thinking I was making an exception with Ambrosio this time around, it turns out she actually appeared in CASINO ROYALE in a blink and you'll miss it scene as "Tennis Girl".

4. Kelly Brook

Oh yes KB, slurp on that ice cream, savor it, show me you like it. That’s it, nibble on it some more.

You can never go wrong with Kelly Brook and I can’t wait what goodies we’ll be getting in the following months. Having her eating ice cream is nothing compared to what we can expect this summer, I just hope she outdoes herself and brings us twice as much bikini action as she did last year. Edit: Oh it has already begun and I'm a happy camper already popping a tent.

3. Jessica Alba

Starting with Alba, our second part of today's list pretty much conveys blatant sexual innuendo, it stopped being completely accidental. This promotional image for the Oscar snubbed GOOD LUCK CHUCK pretty much shows how Alba got creamed all over her hand. She's not too happy about it though, it's like she wanted to last a little bit longer but apparently it was just too damn hot in there, the ice cream just prematurely melted due to her hotness.

2. Carmen Electra

I never thought I'd be including Carmen Electra in any of my articles and much less in second place, especially after those horrendous movies she seems to be appearing in again and again. In a way she’s a two face, under certain lights she doesn’t have it, but other times she’s in a pink bikini sporting pigtails, with ice cream dripping all over her, gripping that cone and with a strong sexual gaze thrown our way. I’d say that this time, she has it.

1. Blake Lively + Leighton Meester

Now this is what I'm talking about, two for the price of one. That’s right, get in there my pretties, wrap your hands around that cone, lick that ice cream, relish it. You know you like it.

I’m aware that Leighton and Lively are like “Gossip Girl” rivals so what better way to kiss and make up than during a sexualized session of ice cream eating. I scream, you scream, I want them to scream...

...for ice cream, natch.



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