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01.04.2012by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Hotties to look for in 2012

It's a brand monkey spanking new year, we've already seen the Top 25 hotties of 2011 and we've handed out some virtual awards as well, so all that is left is for us to try and see what to expect in 2012, so in today's Sexy Six let's look at the hotties that might standout or breakout in 2012.

Honrable Mention: Berenice Marlohe

Berenice Marlohe, or as I like to call her, Verynice Malrohe is a French model/actress (what else?) is getting my honorable mention because she's a Bond Girl and that's about it. She'll be playing Severing in SKYFALL and you know that comes with a touch of class and sultriness. She has the hotness factor down, now let's see how much of an impact she can make in the already crowded world of moviehotties.

6. Lily Collins

After THE BLIND SIDE Lily Collins started gathering roles like a bulldozer, while PRIEST and ABDUCTION are questionable starring vehicles, acting opposite Julia Roberts in MIRROR, MIRROR may be just what this girl needed to fully shine and be heard. Even if the movie ends up being atrocious we'll definitely be reading about how she's out from under the shadow of her famous father Phil and in this side of Internet town some of us will be judging her by her looks (she's cute, but her eyebrows unease me sometimes).

5. Adelaide Clemens

While I think SILENT HILL: REVELATIONS 3D (that 3D part just makes me go ugh) is a hard sell Ms. Clemens is slowly creeping up in Hollywood's radar, at the very least she's headlining her own movie. She also has a bunch of projects on the horizon like "Parade's End" an adaptation (by Tom Stoppard no less) of the acclaimed novel by Ford Madox Ford into a BBC miniseries, so you know that has all kinds of class and sh*t. That means Adelaide is definitely covering some international ground and who knows, maybe during the coming months we'll start getting glimpses into what will be MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and a bunch of Adelaide goodness to go with it.

4. Olga Fonda

Olga started making some waves after 2011's surprisingly fun REAL STEEL and I'm sure she'll make more of a splash once 2012 gets a little more action. She's what I like to call the Russian version of Kate Beckinsale and this year we're all be saying Kate who? Especially since we'll be hearing a lot more from her after her appearance in the final installment of the TWILIGHT films. Yeah I know, around here we don't care about those movies but one must accept that they are big and being a part of them has the potential to get you noticed.

3. Elizabeth Olsen

Sometimes all you need to do is ONE movie, for Elizabeth Olsen, that movie was MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE. That one movie managed to make us view this Olsen as the complete opposite of her older sisters. A great performance that makes you get lost on her character. The raw emotions and subtle fragile visage also tends to add up to her beauty. For me, a good job on a film turns me on more than mere simple looks, fortunately this Olsen has both things and after garnering a lot of buzz you bet we'll be hearing a lot more from her.

2. Hayley Atwell

This is more of a case of what she did in 2011 than where will she be in 2012. She made a splash as the romantic interest of Captain America last summer and ever since fanboys have started to lust on her. While I liked her FIRST AVENGER character at first I didn't see Atwell's allure, but she has a beauty that creeps up on you and the best part is that once you get past the glamour and class you notice that HOLY SH*T she has huge boobs! And just like that her image will keep growing during the year. Who knows, maybe she'll get some sort of cameo in the upcoming AVENGERS movie, at least she can invited to the premier and the Capn will finally get his date.

1. Juno Temple

I have a feeling we'll start hearing a lot more of Juno Temple after this July. Sure, she might get lost within the epic cast of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES but she's still part of the ensemble. She's gonna get an opportunity to shine during all the red carpet premiers so at least her hotness quotient hast the potential to RISE if she plays her cards right.



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