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01.17.2012by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Golden Globes After Parties

It's the start of the year and awards season has arrived and that only means loads of hotties in fancy dresses showing up left and right. Just like last year I searched upon the after parties of the Golden Globes and picked those that stood out for me the most and just like that I have started a Sexy Six tradition. Now that all of the award ceremony's adventures and all of the red carpet hoopla have simmered down a bit, it's time to see what hot surprises those famous people and wannabes were up to later in the night.

6. Victoria Justice

My my my, there's definitely justice in this world. SEXY justice.

Now that we got that out the way let me start by saying that Victoria Justice represents why it's always fun to take a peek at the award shows' after parties, you get celebrities that you might not find on the red carpet, some of them tend to change wardrobe, some just show up in short sexy dresses just like Ms. Justice and the fact that chicks like her CAN wear short dresses changes everything. I'm glad VJ took the daring route and decided to go with that hot & short little number.

5. Sofia Vergara

Oh Sofia, you melt parts o me, you harden others, but this time something is a little off. Don't get me wrong, you look hot as always and that's a very nice dress that makes you look so bootylicious yet some of those curves get a bit lost in it. Hold on, did you loose some weight? I'm getting a little worried here! Oh and the hair, I think that was your biggest mistake, your hair needs to be all wavy and wacky, it's an extension of who you are. But oh well, while you could have ended up in a better spot, you still ended up on my list because you never stopped being muy caliente.

4. Sarah Hyland

Let me get this out of the way, I love "Modern Family" so it makes me quite happy to see it getting the attention it deserves but does that make me bias for including Sofia Vergara AND the lovely Sarah Hyland in today's list? Actually no, at least in Hyland's case the show makes me feel a little weird about it since she portrays the somewhat aloof and rebellious TEEN, but thankfully she's just months away from turning 22 and that puts my inner perv more at ease. Anywho, just like her latina co-star, she went the classy and sexy route while showcasing all those curves she has and buddy I wouldn't mind driving and getting dizzy on such curvy roads.

Bonus points for just being pretty adorable (or adorably pretty?).

3. Kim Kardashian

I know a lot of people bring on the hate for ol' KK but to be fair she's by far the best looking of all the Kardashian clan and during her strolls in one of the Golden Globes' after parties she managed to look quite impressive and sexy with a very form fitting and cleavage happy lacy dress so shuddup, don't tell me you would not hit that and the best part is that she doesn't look trampy, just plain hot.

2. Kate Beckinsale

It's Kate Beckinsale for jeebus' sake, how could she NOT be included, she basically gets invited to all of these award shows and after parties to provide some sexy eye candy and give gossip sites and us something to talk about. The only reason she's not #1 is because she's playing it a bit too safe, nothing that makes her appearance really POP, c'mon Kate, give me something to REALLY drool with, you've done it before so why not this time? Whatever the case I will reiterate, this is Kate Beckinsale we're talking about, of course she will look hot, classy and glamorous all at the same time.

1. Dianna Agron

Congratulations Ms. Agron you won nothing but definitely managed to turn a couple of heads and made people remember your name. At least that's what happened with me.

She's my favorite this year because aside from the hotness and the curves, she looks bold and fun like a firecracker, like a dragon ready to party. Hey whaddaya know? Her name practically spells out "dragon" and while not as scorching hot as other girls we've mentioned here before, she's in my opinion the one celeb that stood out the most during these after parties.



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