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01.05.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Girls of 2010

I'll keep it simple this time, I had a list of a bunch of hotties that were active, relevant or just seemed to gather a lot of headlines during 2010 so for this edition of The Sexy Six I just went with the ones I thought were sexier and I ranked them taking into account a little bit of what they did also. So here ya go. Happy New Year and may this 2011 bring us a lot of sexy sexiness.

6. Amber Heard

Have you heard? Amber Heard is a lesbian. That’s probably the biggest celebrity gossip story about the yummy scream queen which could be enough to make the rest of the world start taking notice of this underrated talented beauty. Gay or not I’ll always be in lesbians with her. Amber’s known more for her work in horror movies and 2010 was no exception as she blessed us with her presence in AND SOON THE DARKNESS and THE WARD which is not something to go home screaming about but bless us she did as she’s easily the one redeeming quality in both of those films, girl has that sexy yet innocent gaze down pat. This year won’t be much different as she will be lending her talents to THE RUM DIARY and DRIVE ANGRY alongside Nicolas Cage. Landing closer to home, Amber was also chosen as Arrow in the Head’s Mistress of the Year and I doubt anybody’s complaining.

5. Emma Stone

Now this is a girl that caught us off guard, after being the generic attractive supporting character in a couple of films she managed to break out of that mold each time until she finally had the chance to carry the weight of a whole movie on her shoulders and she pulled it off brilliantly. 2010 was the year Emma Stone broke through with MARMADUKE.

OK, maybe Emma would like to forget her involvement in that piece of shit movie and fortunately I think she managed to actually do it with EASY A, a brainy hilarious teen comedy that shows us Emma’s skills as a comedic actress and still has time to show us some very thumb biting boiling hot scenes. It’s not often you come upon a fun & sexy woman and Emma is it. Her year only got better after getting a role in the upcoming SpiderMan movie, surprisingly not as Mary Jane but as Gwen Stacy which gave us a lot more to talk about since she had to say goodbye to her red-haired goodness and start calling herself blond.

4. Sofia Vergara

Here’s another friggin’ sexy funny woman for our list. While the Colombian mamacita does not spend too much time in the celebrity spotlight she certainly had quite a year. First and foremost she’s part of one of the funniest TV shows on the air right now. “Modern Family” gave Sofia Vergara the chance to shine by exploiting her muy caliente curves & her thick sexy accent AND culture but it also explored her great humor sensibilities. It all culminated with her being nominated for an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actor’s Guild award and according to Variety she’s also one of the most influential woman in Hollywood. If by influential you mean she could make any man do anything she wants just with a quick bump of her rump then I don’t doubt she is.

3. Katy Perry

There was an obnoxious ammount of news stories about Katy Perry that hurt her chances of getting into the top spot, from her summer days in bikini, her music stints, behind the scenes of her videos to magazine spreads and latex dress, after latex dress, after latex dress. One of those dresses even made an appearance in "The Simpsons" as she became the first live person to guest star in the cartoon while singing alongside Muppet versions of the yellow family.

All of those entries made by the MovieHotties staff are totally justified though because in the end KP is mother*cking delicious just like the candy in her bizarre fantasy video for "California Girls". Not only did she bring about candy inspired wet dreams, she also made Christmas sexy, as well as kiddie entertainment, going so far as to getting the league of decency mad because apparently her cleavage is not suitable for all audiences as her skit in “Sesame Street” was left in the cutting room floor due to Elmo’s boner. Movie wise she had a cameo alongside lucky wanker Russel Brand in GET HIM TO THE GREEK and it was announced she has a part in the upcoming SMURFS movie. Her biggest achievement in 2010 though, was obtaining the number 1 spot in Maxim’s Hottest 100 that while controversial back then after a few months and several magazine covers later we happily accepted it.

2. Kelly Brook

As far as hotness is concerned there’s was no other girl who was as prevalent with her whole body like Kelly Brook. She was part of one of the sexiest Playboy covers in years, she sold lingerie, she did the sexiest Rebook ads ever, she wore a swimsuit for every frigging day of summer, she was in every magazine ever conceived, she was all over the place, except my face, which is a bummer really. When I was a news editor for MovieHotties not a day passed when I didn’t stumble upon another shot of KB and every time, even when she was just wearing a simple flower dress while riding a bicycle she looked über hot. As far as films go, she gave us the most unapologetically sexy performance of the years as she bared all as a “Wild Wild Girl” in PIRHANA 3D and even got to do a lesbian underwater kiss.

1. Natalie Portman

1. Natalie Portman

I hate to be seen as repetitive but in my defense, if this was before the start of December I’d probably have Natalie lower on the list but after getting all the buzz with her role in BLACK SWAN and seeing it with my very own pervy eyes I can tell you she deserves all the praise she is getting, it’s a performance as powerful as it is sexy. Still, before BLACK SWAN started making noise we got a glimpse of her scrumptious behind in the trailer for YOUR HIGHNESS and she was announced she’ll be part of yet another geeky franchise with THOR. Around these parts she was December’s Hottie of the Month and I made a list dedicated solely to her. Recently it was announced she got engaged and she’ll be having a baby within the next 9 months so congrats on that but yeah, we're still talking about that lesbian love scene with Mila Kunis and Portman's solo scene in BLACK SWAN. I can say without hesitating that this has been Natalie Portman's year. 

So there you go, as always this is just some horndog's opinion, if you agree, disagree or agree to disagree shoot your load down below and do tell, who do you think is THE girl of 2010?



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