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04.27.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Girls in a Skirt

Iíve been subtly doing a three part Sexy Six series dealing with girls in skirts. First it was cheerleaders, then Schoolgirls and today, to finish it all off youíll be getting a little of what is left. While most of these ladies have the schoolgirl look, do not get them mixed up with simple students, they have a little something else to bring to the table. So let us begin with these sexy things.

6. The Roller Derby Girls

Girls who kick ass are, well, kick ass! Such is the reason why I welcome the resurgence of the roller derby, whatís not to love? Hot girls beating the crap out of each other in skimpy outfits? Sold! Itís also the main context of the Ellen Page movie WHIP IT and yes, it does involve sexy ladies kicking ass, itís even one of those movies that makes Juliette Lewis actually look hot no matter how crazy she is.

5. The Assassin

Those Japanese are definitely the center of all kinds of wacky kinky stuff, in fact, Tokyo is pretty much the epicenter of schoolgirl adulation and if you do a quick search you just might find it can transform into all kinds of interesting forms of entertainment. Itís only natural that someone like Quentin Tarantino imported that notion and turned it into an assassin character. Gogo Yubari (Chiaki Kuriyama) is a kick ass chick who is part of one of the most memorable fights of KILL BILL, almost getting the upper hand of The Bride while sporting a traditional Japanese schoolgirl outfit and wielding a razorbladed ball and chain as a weapon. If you ask me, thatís f*cking sexy.

4. The Warrior

Zack Snyder took the whole Japanese schoolgirl wear to a whole new level by catering to all of his fanboy fetishistic needs in SUCKER PUNCH and turning Emily Browning into Baby Doll, a literal fantasy girl that jumps, flips, slices, dices and kicks in her very revealing outfit, showing some leg, exposing some midriff. No matter how convoluted you think the movie is, one has to admit that Snyder at least gave us something pretty to look at while trying to catch some upskirt moments, I cannot wait for the Blu-ray.

3. The Punkish Tart

Rachael Leigh Cook is so pretty, sheís like the embodiment of a Japanese anime character and personally I have always felt her cute side always won over her sexy side, that is until I saw 11:14. One of those films that interweaves a bunch of stories and lots of characters like for example Cheri, played by RLC, who partakes in one of the best non nude sex scenes ever (even if it does have one unfortunate consequence). This scene also exemplifies the practicality of the skirt: Guy unzips and girl just hops on. The fact that said girl is Rachael Leigh Cook with a cleavage heavy low cut top just makes the whole thing a lot better.

2. The Stripper

Iím not too fond of the word ďunderratedĒ but if I ever were to use it in a moviehottie context Iíd say Mia Kirshner is one of the most underrated hotties EVER. Fortunately there have been various instances where weíve been able to drool over her hotness like in the sexy drama by Atom Egoyan EXOTICA. Krishner plays a stripper and just that fact by itself warrants a mention, but to see her playing with her skirt, seductively swaying back and showing some ass is something I am thankful for. The movie gods have basically made a huge deposit to the spank bank.

1. The Sexy Teacher

BEDAZZLED is one of the best guilty pleasures out there, itís so silly and has all kinds of Elizabeth Hurley sexiness. If thereís one movie that totally caters to all kinds of fetishistic whims this is it, you get the french maid, the cheerleader, the sexy angel and sexy devil (of course), but the one wardrobe change that merits Hurley to be in the number one spot of THIS list is that of the sexy teacher, not only does that apple augmenting sweater looks great on her, that plaid skirt gives us a lot of great leggy action. If all teachers looked like that I would have learned a lot more or gone completely blind.



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