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06.08.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Generations of Hotness

It has been said that love knows no age and around here at we seem to love women of all ages, so I took it upon myself to look for sexiness within six generations of hotties.<


This was the easiest category to choose from, while I admire a lot of older ladies that have a lot of presence & style none of them reach the levels of sexiness that Helen Mirren has reached in the past decade. This 2011 she'll be approaching her 66th year on this earth and not only does she manage to always look elegant with a whole lot of class and poise, she still exudes a lot of sexiness and she's not afraid to show it.

Ask any woman out there, Who would she like to look like when they're 66? And they'll tell you Helen Mirren. Unless they don't know who she is, in which case you should show them a picture of Mirren and they will say, yeah, definitely her.

Runners Up: Jaclyn Smith, Blythe Danner


Here's one that surprised me a little when I found out she was in her 50's, Jennifer Tilly. An underrated hottie that's worked on a variety of films of all genres and budgets in big and tiny roles but will forever be remembered as that squeaky voiced girl with a great pair of boobs and yet it's the voice that draws me in all the time, but of course when we only have a pic to go on with I'll gladly accept her awesome rack.

Not too long ago she started making noise when she became a professional poker player after winning a couple of events and gave the World Series of Poker a huge popularity boost as she always had a big ol' pair in her cards. A big, grope-able, motorboatable pair. It gave those of us who find poker to be the most dull thing in the universe, something to look at.

Runners Up: Michelle Pfeiffer, Isabella Rossellini


Doing my research I found that there's an abundance of hotness within women in their 40s, a lot of my favorites fall in this group, and with ladies like Elizabeth Hurley, Salma Hayek and Diane Lane, I know a lot of other people's favorites are also in their 40s. Curiously when the time came to choose I didn't find it hard, wait, it actually WAS hard (*wink*) but the decision was actually easy, as the astounding Monica Bellucci also falls in this category while in a few she'll be welcoming her 47th birthday.

I didn't even think it twice as Bellucci's beauty is the stuff of legends, she has been described in dozens of adjectives from remarkable to sizzling. Definitely one of my all time faves that tends to reach the number one spot regularly.

Runners Up: Marisa Tomei, Gong Li


In general I found modern women in their 30s to be a bit more generic but with a lot more spunk, I would classify them as the fun bunch in our little generational experiment. It's when a lady becomes a woman, they more or less stop caring about how other people see them and their sexiness goes up a notch when they start to show a lot more confidence, more maturity. Zooey Deschanel may not immediately exemplify that description but when you look closer you first see a girl who just wants to have fun but as she got older she noticed who she was and what her life purpose is so she has basically made a name for herself in her own way, of course beauty had a lot to do with it.

While we often speak of sexiness and hotness, here's a chick I would just define as beautiful and makes me go all corny little Anakin Skywalker when I see her: "Are you an angel?"

Runners Up: Kate Beckinsale, Rachel McAdams


Your classic Hollywood style hotness resides within a twenty-something and when trying to find the hottest one you'd basically end up with an infinite amount of boobs and ass that it would take forever to compare curves, so I went the easy biased route and just went ahead and chose Scarlett Johansson who has already been in hundreds of "Sexiest Women Alive" lists and while she apparently has lost her top placement to newer, fresher faces many of us still consider her the best of the breasts.

Runners Up: Amber Heard, Mila Kunis


I knew when I'd reach the "10s" there would be some conflict surrounding the whole ordeal, one has to tip toe around the fact that an underage could be considered hot so the sensible thing would be to choose an 18 or 19 year old or I could go lower and justify that it's not lust but a mere appreciation of beauty but in reality the problem was actually finding someone I personally found attractive (I'm kinda glad because it turns out I'm not as pervy as I thought I was). I almost went with Taylor Momsen who's not really an ugly lady but she kinda over does it with the whorish, drugged out rocker look. So finally after days of Googling, I found Willa Holland who barely made the list because after June 17 she will begin to party with the 20-year-olds so what better send off than being crowned sexiest teen by some random Internet quasi-perv.

Ms. Holland, you represent the wild and crazy antics of today's teens while still showing some class and maturity as showcased in lots of your photos.

Runners Up: Taylor Momsen, Debby Ryan

In conclusion I think all women are pretty, they start cute and can develop into hot and sexy creatures, their hotness can fade away over time but I believe sexiness can still be retained a lot longer, almost as long as one will allow it, so if any gals are reading this I'll say that no matter who you are be proud and be sexy.



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