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12.08.2010by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Geeky Chicks

If you’re reading this, there’s a 97.4% chance that you’re at least a tad bit geeky and if you’re anything like me you value a cute girl who can hold her own with video games, knows the difference between J.R.R. Tolkien & H.P. Lovecraft, who’d love to have a real lightsaber and wouldn’t mind strapping herself into a sexy Pikachu costume. So in this edition of THE SEXY SIX I took a journey all over the internet like a true geeky webstronaut to try and find the geekiest and hottest celebrities out there.

Dishonorable Mention, The Fake Geek: Olivia Munn

The internet is mainly torn between the adulation of Olivia Munn and the hatred of her existence, personally I'm still trying to figure out where I stand but what I do know is that I don't really get all the love, specifically her geek following. I guess that's what irks me the most. SHE IS NOT A GEEK! She was molded in a factory, dressed in a Chun Li costume one day and slave Leia with golden bikini on another and of course it was going to work out. Most guys just want boobs and sexy outfits, make her grab a joystick or a lighsaber and you can almost feel as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in orgasm. She has been squeezing her faux geekness into a lucrative career ever since. I do think she has a nice body but not worthy of the praise she has gotten.

6. The Math Geek: Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar aka Winnie Cooper was the cause of many broken hearts during the early 90’s but her wonder years were far from over. Entertainment wise she's not that relevant right now but she has managed to keep us horn dogs entertained after making a tiny comeback this year within the pages of Maxim and Stuff magazine. What the hell was she up to all of these years? Aside from a couple of forgettable TV and films roles she got to graduate summa cum laude (except for the cum part I don’t even know what that means) in mathematics, she even wrote a couple of math books. For being such a cutie pi and demonstrating that math is damn sexy by subtracting her clothes, Danica kicks starts this list by easily being the hottest math wiz alive.

5. The Comic Book Geek: Rosario Dawsom

Rosario Dawson might be the coolest gal from this list, I think she’s the kind of woman you just kick it with, having a laugh about her movies while watching them and chugging down some beers. There’s a reason she has worked with Hollywood’s nerdiest directors, Tarantino, Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, etc.

Going further down into her geekness, the tanned beauty is a total Trekkie that could probably tell you “stop trying to touch me” in Klingon, but what cements Rosario Dawesome's geek cred is her love of comic books, aside from a bih collection that she started since she was a little girl which includes works from writers like Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore, she also got the chance to create and write one of her own called Occult Crimes Taskforce.

4. The Geek because she said so: Gemma Arterton

I have to admit I capriciously included Gemma Arterton in this list, at one point she mentioned that she's a total geek but why is that? Does she love the works of Asimov? Does she play Dungeons and Dragons? Could she beat your ass in Call of Duty? I seriously doubt it. She's probably something so obvious like a theater geek or she could be a girl that tends to feel awkward sometimes and she thus classifies herself as geeky. Whatever the reason she may have for saying she's SUCH a geek it will just be an excuse to include her and if you ask me, any excuse is a good excuse when it comes to the hotness that is Gemma Arterton.

3. The Funny Geek: Tina Fey

More than a geek, Tina Fey is a total dork and I love her for that, althoug she's far from just a goofy funny chick. Watch a few episodes from "30 Rock" and you know she loves her movies, from Star Wars to Amadeus, and she manages to blend her pop culture knowledge with a whole lot of wittiness, snazzy remarks, political satire and a bunch of craziness. Looks wise she has that nerdy sexy librarian look covered, lets just hope she never gets laser treatment on her eyes because part of her appeal lies within those glasses and how she represents the nerd in all of us with them.

2. The Gamer Geek: Mila Kunis

If I were judging the girls in this list based solely on hotness Mila Kunis would be the one to rule them all, but from the intel I gathered the only thing that makes her a geek is her professed love of World of Warcract. I don't know if that's all she plays but I don't ask for much, a hot chick who digs video games is always a turn on. In my experience, those who dig World of Warcraft have descended from a funnel of less time wasting games. First there's casual games, puzzles, platformers, hardcore action/adventure, RPGs and THEN World of Warcraft, so when it comes to gaming I believe Mila is the hardest of core unless she just created a cute avatar and called it quits after that. No matter, Mila can do whatever she damn pleases and just like with Arterton, if Mila Kunis says she's a geek I'll believe anything her hotness says.

1. The Queen Geek: Kristen Bell

All hail Kristen Bell, the spunky actress who's managed to put geek chic on the map. She's all of the previously mentioned categories of geekness rolled into one. Star Wars, videogames, cosplay, comic conventions, you name it. A total geek icon with a girl next door look that makes me accept her fangirl status without an inch of a doubt. Add all that to a very cute girl like Kristen and you got girlfriend material right there.



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