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02.09.2012by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Desirable Jennifers

Today's Sexy Six will be brought to you by the letters "J" and "ennifer". It's pretty straightforward actually, I searched high and low for many famous and quasi-known actresses with the first name Jennifer and while I found plenty of "Hey it's that chick"s and some skanky non-big names, I think I ended up with a pretty mainstream list, but let me not spoil it for ya, start the slideshow and see for yourself!

6. Jennifer Morrison

Let's kick this thing off with a b-lister who has done more prominent TV work than film, from assisting Dr House to helping storybook characters in the cheesefest that is "Once Upon a Time". While I find that there's something off in her appearance, there's a certain mysterious allure that I can't manage to pinpoint and as we've seen in her shows she's one of those women that can rock the simple shirt and jeans combo. Having seen WARRIOR, I can tell you she definitely rocks wearing only underwear as well.

5. Jennifer Aniston

HORRIBLE BOSSES showed the movie going public that Jennifer Aniston could still give us a whole 'lotta' sexy and while her body of work has been more than questionable for the last decade, her BODY still maintains all the right curves. It's funny how the height of her fame came during her relationship (and the much talked about break up) with Brad Pitt and while I'm not a huge fan of Jen-A I would have chosen her over Angelina Jolie (and yes, I'm speaking in purely physical terms).

4. Jennifer Tilly

Whenever I hear the phrase "girl next door" this is what i picture, a sexy 50 year-old cougar with a squeaky voice. Jennifer Tilly seems like a very down to earth kinda gal and that's sexy in itself, curiously 90% of the time she's on screen she tends to play sleazy to the MAX, and I have no problems whatsoever with that either. In fact, as long as Tilly's titties are present, she can do whatever the hell she wants.

3. Jennifer Love Hewitt

I once stated that Love Hewitt was overrated, something about her lost gaze bugs me but I can't deny the power of her ample bossoms and ugly she most definitely is not. I just never got the fuss about her but guess what, if we're talking solely about Jennifers then I do consider her to be the third SEXIEST Jennifer EVER! Long live BOOBS!

2. Jennifer Lawrence

The newest member to join "The Jennifers" club has been making a lot of waves since her nomination in WINTER'S BONE last year, and after that stunning red dress she wore at the Oscars ceremony everyone started to have winter boners ever since.

1. Jennifer Connelly

The expression "not just another pretty face" cannot ring truer for Jennifer Connelly, she has pulled off amazing performances and has a pretty sweet resume that accounts for a diversity of characters that go from the naive and innocent to the sultry and pants-changing sexy. It definitely helps that she's in some of my favorite movies ever (LABYRINTH, DARK CITY), but in the end she's not just another pretty face because she's also f*cking hot.



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