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07.27.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Comic-Con Cosplay Hotties

It was a good week for us nerds who like all things sexy and geeky, the San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone but our bonerific memories will last forever, or at least until 2012 when the next one comes around. This time I took it upon myself to search high and low for the sexiest of geeky costumes, unfortunately there's so much to see in such a big place that sometimes you'll never get a glimpse of some of the chicks in the skimpier outfits. Still, I managed to compile a decent selection where I chose my personal favorites. To thin the herd a little I decided to fully go with movie related sexiness so no She-Ras, no Zatannas nor Scarlet Witches.

My apologies to all sexy Grover fans.

Without further ado I give you a Sexy Six first! A non celeb sexiest list, which means maybe one of these girls could end up reading it. If you're in this list well congrats! I'll try to be gentle. Call me!


You can't have a geeky convention without having golden bikini clad slave Leias. They probably have the keys to open the doors because they will always be there, by now it's been a bit overplayed but you can't deny the sexiness that comes from a two piece costume that barely covers the top and gives you glimpses of a lot of leg action. They seem to travel in packs as of late but even better for us as the the sexiness quotient goes up higher.

6. Jessica Rabbit

One of the most notorious animated bombshells, Jessica Rabbit is hard to translate into real life but judging by this woman's huge jugs she came close, although as I was staring at the picture and the size of those things, I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something off. Then it hit me, aside from a mediocre makeup job she should have the reddest of hair and that came to be the worst of their mistakes (it's like Jessica's forgotten sister Barbara, always envious about her much hotter, redheaded sister). but still, out of all the real life Jessica's that I saw, this was the best one.

5. Star Wars alien

This will be my official Star Wars inclusion, while it's an original character it's definitely molded after one of the races that inhabit the SW movies. The difference of course is that this one has a short skirt, a bare midriff, high heels and she's painted all demon-like. She's practically a naughty alien cheerleader and the girl under all that makeup makes it work. If she didn't teeter between scary and sexy she'd probably be higher on the list.

4. Amber

From all the SUCKER PUNCH chicks I saw, this was one of the hotter ones I could find although I do wish I could have captured little Amber cracking a smile as I feel it could have given her a higher placing on today's list, in all fairness I understand that it can get tiresome after the intensity of the Comic-Con. That lollipop was a good touch though, and while far from having the cuteness of Jamie Chung, this girl still brought the sexiness and filled up the costume pretty well.

3. Catwoman

Fact: all cosplaying catwomen are hot.

Out of all the iterations of Catwoman costume, one of the hottest ones has always been the zipper "catsuit" vinyl costume like the one Michelle Pfeiffer wore in BATMAN RETURNS and if you're a girl that can make it work then we have a winner. Such was the case with this sexy cat. She went all in with the intense eyes and sexy femme-fatale poses. Never have I felt the urge to be scratched so bad.

2. Ms. Captain America

Pay no attention to the lady in black, it is said she gives you bad luck. She basically wouldn't let Ms. Captain America by herself but we don't mind right? Let her tag along, but the one I'd like you to focus your eyes on, the one holding the second place on our list is the female version of Captain America which translated into a sexy red haired woman wearing sexy knee high socks with garter belts and a red-white and blue corset. A mighty interesting and hot look at the Captain. Very colorful, very squeezable. I salute you and raise my flag for you Ms. America!

1. Ariel

Now this is what I'm talking about. This girl took it upon herself to become THE LITTLE MERMAID. It's a revealing costume almost straight out of the source material that ends up being rather sexy (on women older than 18 years old, natch), she fills the costume quite nicely, showing sufficient skin and tight curves while still managing to look cute but there are more things that made her garner the top spot. The hair, the smile, the colors. It's the passion and the attention to detail that comes with the territory of being a fan girl. You can see this girls just loves to dress up and loves to show it off and I personally enjoyed getting it shown.

So there you go, just a taste of all the sexiness that the Comic-Con has to offer. With this we commence the countdown for next year's con hoping that more hot ladies join the crowds of crazy passionate fangirls craving some attention as they dress as a sexy version of Captain Hook and whatnot. So tell us what you think, you like to see the girls who dress up for the convention? Do you think one of these don't belong? Shoot your load down below and share with us.



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