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03.16.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Carla Gugino's Hottest Movies

As you may have heard, the hotness that is Carla Gugino is March's Hottie of the Month, so what better time than now to focus on this 35-25-35 beauty (my favorite hottie dimensions). While surely known for her hotness, it's incredible the body of work she has built, and yes, that body IS incredible. So for this edition of The Sexy Six, let's go all over her body... of work, and highlight the sexiest gigs this drop dead motherf*cking sexy woman has done.


Her scenes in WATCHMEN are pretty sparse and low key but she gets an honorable mention for her portrayal of Sally Jupiter, and in my honest opinion being sexier than her daughter Laurie aka Silk Spectre II aka Malin Akerman. Especially when she goes full on super hero mode with that lascivious pin up attire complete with the barely there skirt, the large super pointy bra and sexy stockings, it’s all about the legs in this attire.


So in WOMEN IN TROUBLE and its sequel ELEKTRA LUXX, Gugino plays a porn star, a retired porn star at one point but still, a porn star and with that you know there's going to be a deficiency of clothes and of course that's a good thing. Just in the following clip alone she doesn't really do anything dirty but you can see her in some sexy, with a hint of Victoria's Secret, satin underwear, as well as a special treat to all you nun fetishist out there. In the end, if you like movies about chicks in their undies, you should make it a goal to see these movies.


Things are definitely getting steamier in here and we come closer to the realization that Gugino is a good sport when it comes to playing the sexy seductress. In RIGHTEOUS KILL you get a glimpse of her getting pounded hard with her tits jiggling back and forth. Unfortunately she's getting nailed by the old version of Robert DeNiro, fortunately we don't get to see too much of Bob in the clip which allows us to focus on Carla and her bouncing boobs, you can even fantasize about who's there behind her doing the poundin'.


Throughout this list Gugino has been transforming into a full on femme fatale and in SNAKE EYES she gets to play the seductive minx that takes full advantage of her sexy body. If she needs to go over one poor fat bastard, she only needs to start unbuttoning her blouse and showing just how "hot" she is, and Carla's hotness plus real hotness equals horny guy who'd do anything for her. I think anyone of us would react the same way, even if the dude was gay he'd been all over her. I'd say, take advantage all you want baby, I don't mind, even if your objective was for me to be dead, I would die happy.

Warning: Spoilers and Nicolas Cage ahead


A classic nude scene where we get the full on goods from Carla as she unleashes those perfect puppies set within a tastefully shot monochromatic scene in SIN CITY. Before being fully titillated we also get to see her strutting with just some thong, showing us that she has one hell of an ass too, and even when she gets dressed she manages to keep the hotness going.

And to think we're barely halfway through our list. I don't think I can handle such scorching hotness.


Man, things are definitely heating up in here, I think I'm going to melt. Gugino starred in a short film called TELL-TALE (yes, based on the Poe short story) which at 8 minutes it's enough to showcase the ultrasexiness that exudes from our featured lady.

It seems there are two stages to Carla's sexiest roles, the full on tantalizing wardrobe stage (represented here by a tight pencil skirt and a white button blouse) then the undress stage. In this occasion we get to see her strip down to one hell of a sexy attire. You can't go wrong with Gugino in sizzling black lingerie complete with garter belts and stockings.

It's an interesting little piece of video that also showcases some of Gugino's acting chops as well, you can read more about it and view the full short here or you could just go for the steamy parts in the embedded video, but try to avoid the very last part of it though, which is kind of a mood killer.


Now she's done it, she got my blood pumpin' and my pants a popin'. This is where OMGugino went all out with the sultriness. She has a number of ardent scenes as Coco Chavez in JUDAS KISS where we get to see the full extent of her sexiness. She's hot enough as it is with her tight mini dress (the sexy wardrobe stage) and her seductive and coy demeanor, it's my favorite Gugino hairdo as well. Just the name Coco Chavez describes a woman you could definitely have fun with if you know what I mean. Then she starts getting all sweaty and horny, undressing and getting it on with her breast jumping all over the place, having her moan and getting turned on. The only downside of some of the scenes is that you get to see the friggin' "Mentalist" boning her, but still, god damn what a red-hot scene it is, unfortunately it gets cut off once you know the real fun was about to start. I guess we can always replay the scenes and make a deposit in our spank bank and deconstruct them any way we see fit. Thank you imagination!

So there you go folks, if you excuse me I'm going to take a hot shower and open some windows to try and defog this place. You can stay if you like, just don't forget to voice your opinions down below, did I miss your favorite scene? Do you not agree? Do you just want the world to know what inconceivable things you want to do to the deliciousness that is Carla Gugino? Then drool back below.



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