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02.16.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Black Beauties

Some have said before that, around here, there's not enough love for all of those black beauties out there, but donít hold us accountable! It just seems that we rarely see a big presence of sexy black women in most Hollywood films and other media. Whether it's the studios fault, or the movie going public, racial stereotyping or the community's auto segregation, it's a topic best left for another column, letís just concentrate on why weíre here. The Sexy Six is all about celebrating beauty and for today's edition it's all about sweetening our lives with some brown sugar!


Jennifer Hudson lost a whole bunch of weight, and while her transformation is impressive, my honorable mention goes to the Jennifer Hudson I knew in between being the “American Idol” looser and the Weight Watcher’s spokesperson. I’ve always thought she was way cuter when she was chubby and you know, whenever there’s “big girls” involved, you also get one nifty bonus: Bigger boobs! In any case, more power to ya miss Hudson.

6. Stacey Dash

One look at Stacey and her firm behind makes me CLUELESS about my surroundings, the only thing on my mind is that I wanna slappa’ da ass! She also brings in the sexiness to the table with a very flirty smile and a pair of beautiful seductive eyes.

5. Yaya DaCosta

A fairly newcomer to the film biz, DaCosta had a bit part in TRON: LEGACY as one of the 4 hot “sirens” that dressed Sam Flynn, but the moment she grabbed my attention was in THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT where she had a tiny supporting role as Mark Ruffalo’s non committed f*ck buddy and hell, dude was living the life! I saw DaCosta and I immediately fell in love! You just wait kiddies; I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more from Yaya!

4. Meagan Good

Good golly miss Meagan! Talk about seductive! She has a look that says that one moment with her will make me want to go crying back to mama while praying such moment never ends. Oh yeah, this chick is trouble; she has the capacity of scaring me and arousing me at the same time with her sultry stares and helluva sexy body.

3. Beyonce

From what Iíve seen a lot of people donít like Beyonce, but Iím thinking 87% of those people dislike her and/or her music so it makes it a lot harder to see past the crappiness. Well not me. I for one find her to be very beautiful and hella sexy. As a lover of curvaceous women Iím glad Beyonce is an entertainer as I get to see her shaking that bootylicious behind and showcasing her sexy gams all of the time in her videos and concerts.

2. Zoe Saldana

At first I wasn’t a fan of Saldana, I still think she’s not a very good actress but every picture I see of her just makes my pants tighter and tighter and as far as movies go, I just hope we get to see more of her without any blue makeup as each day that passes I find myself closer to being converted into a full on Zoe lover.

1. Gabrielle Union

Woah mama! If you want my definition of perfection here it is, the complete package. Gabrielle Union is one sizzling woman with a very sexy face. The smile, the legs, her precious rack, some dangerous curves and of course the one thing black ladies are most known for, a remarkably sexy behind, put it all together and you end up with one motherf*cking sexy lady.



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