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01.25.2012by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Best actress nominees from this century

The Academy Awards have been announced and I decided to take a look at all the pretty ladies that have been nominated for Best Actress in the last 11 years or so. I deem that time the moment the Oscars wanted to bring in more of THE SEXY! I felt it unjust to pit them against the sirens of the golden age of cinema since it was a different kind of beauty, and what about the women from the 80s & 90s you ask? Well just take a look, not many to choose from to be honest. So that's why for this occasion we'll only be talking about noms in the Best Actress category for THIS century. And here are the nominees...

6 - Samantha Morton

To start things off I decided to go with my wild card. An underrated actress that never got much exposure, not even during her nominations for SWEET AND LOWDOWN (Supporting Actress) nor IN AMERICA (Leading Actress) way back in 2002. Personally she just won me over with her powerful presence, even a brief moment from MINORITY REPORT made her stand out a lot, since then she has starred in a bunch of low key, "indie" projects. Fortunately this year we'll be seeing her in the more mainstreamish JOHN CARTER.

I think my love for Morton also has something to do with a somewhat innocent visage, her huge eyes and her kinda chubby physique that provides a one two punch of unique sexiness.

5 - Charlize Theron

Beautiful striking and smoking hot. This may sound weird but Charlize didn't get a higher spot because she can be TOO perfect, I think if she were to stand in front of me I'd be super intimidated. Charlize was made to star naked in perfume ads and tell you you should buy beauty products. Fortunately, just like all of the girls from this list, she's not just another pretty 'modely' face. She got nominated for NORTH COUNTRY and many of you might remember how she uglied herself up that resulted in her getting an Oscar win for MONSTER. and even in her silliest of roles she manages to embed her movies with a lot of presence beauty and personality wise.

4 - Kate Winslet

Winslet is the perfect mix of ability and looks. Her talent alone makes her sexy as hell! She has 6 nominations under her belt, 4 for a leading role and she finally won for THE READER in 2009. Heck, just naming films like ETERNAL SUNSHINE & HEAVENLY ANGELS gives me a huge film snob boner but of course she also has a lot going for her looks wise to which she has managed to take advantage of as she has become somewhat of a red carpet favorite when showing off all sorts of sexy dresses.

3 - Penelope Cruz

I have something I need to get off my chest. I was never a fan of Penelope Cruz but her nominated role in VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA made a convert. I'm guessing that before it had something to do with her nose, in fact I still don't like her nose and probably never will but in the previously mentioned film even her nose had a very sultry presence within her character, it also helps that she got to make out with Scarlett Johansson and while I can also get turned off by her super THICK accent, I've noticed I find her WAY sexier when she's doing characters that speak in her native language, especially those who wear skimpy clothes, messy hair and that are wild & carefree souls.

Oh and did I mention boobs? Yes boobs. Very nice boobs.

2 - Natalie Portman

Natalie should change her last name to "Hotwoman". After many years of giving us a hodgepodge of roles she gave the Academy a reason to take notice after she gave it her all for Aronofsky's BLACK SWAN. Y'all know how that went... self gratification, lesbian action with Mila Kunis, things that would warrant anyone on this list. Curious how her two sexiest roles got her Oscar noms (the other being for CLOSER) and it was no surprise when she finally got to take home the Oscar and the only thing I can think of is her polishing it over and over again.

1- Marion Cotillard

And the winner is... Marion Cotillard! There's just something very alluring about this french beauty that drives me wild... is it the druggie eyes? The way they just pop out? Maybe it's the fact that she just looks SO french! She has equal amounts of class, sexiness, poise and a very possible wild side. She looks like the kind of girl that would give you one incredible night but will get rid of you without hesitation, she takes control and I like it that way.

I loved her since she was only in French films like TAXI and JEUX D'ENFANTS and then booom! She was everywhere and managed to win a nomination that resulted in getting the coveted Oscar statuette for LA VIE EN ROSE, very well deserving and have loved all the exposure she got. Next up for her is a role in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES which has me really exited.



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