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02.22.2012by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Batman Women

Everyone loves Batman, and here in MovieHotties, as you may have noticed, we love women, so it's about time we pay respect to both. All Batman media has filled us with so much awesomness it's hard to pinpoint one thing that makes the character stand out from others. From the fact that he has no superpowers to the coolest rogues gallery in existence. All those incredible elements tend to overshadow the sexy factors, which is not an easy feat once you get thinking about it. That's not to say there isn't a bunch of sexy in all things Batman and that's precisely what we're here to prove, so put those turbines to speed and kickstart the gallery.


Sugar more than anything. It's probably one of the weirdest castings in all of film history having Drew Barrymore in a very tiny role wearing tiny clothes, representing the good side of Tomy Lee Jone's Two Face. In the other end of the spectrum we have Debi Mazar who's a very exotic looking gal but personally I think they over did it with the drag-queen look, almost reaching Dr Frankefurter levels. In any case, I wouldn't mind having these two lovely ladies by my side.

6. Dr. Chase Meridian

Holy rusted steel! THREE characters from BATMAN FOREVER! Oh well, at least they brought in some of the sexy. In all honesty I truthfully think this movie is the highlight of Nicole Kidman's hotness, don't get me wrong, she still exudes so much beauty and glamour but when she played Dr. Chase Meridian she still had a bit of innocence in her, mixed with a bit of thespian potency. She's also the hottest, non-foe, non-superhero ally to grace Bruce Wayne's presence.

5. Marion Cotillard

I have professed my love for Cotillard in the past and it hasn't changed since. I still don't know what she does in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and just know that this isn't some kind of hint for you, dear reader, to start spoiling stuff, I want to keep it that way and no matter who Marion plays she'll just keep looking so swoon worthy. I just know it and that's all I want.

4. Harley Quinn

Chaos, destruction, mad, insane.... Harley Quinn is definitely my type of woman. It does help that she carries some nice curves with herself. Her first incarnation consisted of a full body costume and she still looked damn hot, of course the comic gods decided to pander even more to all of us Batman nerds out there and sex Harley up a few notches in the videogame version, so they gave her cleavage, a corset, pigtails, stockings and a miniskirt that shows off her midriff and her legs. Yeah, that's the easy route to hotness, I still prefer the original but this new extra crispy version is just as exciting.

3. Poison Ivy

If you want to plant a seed on this chick, would you ignore the possibilities of getting all itchy? Why not, right? The fun thing about Ivy is that she can get all crafty with her choice of attire, it mostly consists of something green but the amount of coverage is totally optional, so it can go from a one piece leotard to barely covering the naughty bits with a few leafs here and there, add a little red hair to spice things up and you get the sexiest salad to ever exist.

2. Batgirl

Bless you Batman for you have given us not one but TWO sexy redheads, which leads me to another of BATMAN & ROBIN's mistakes. Alicia Silverstone, the blondest girl you'll know, as Batgirl. Ugh. It was a huge missed opportunity, and while we probably won't see another Batgirl on the big screen soon, there's definitely been a whole lot more love for redheads as of late, so hopefully it won't be long until we see someone like a redheaded Erin Cummings get into that tight batsuit. In the meanwhile let's reminisce over the animated version and Yvonne Craig in that sexcellent purple and yellow tight suit.

1. Catwoman

The only one character hot enough to warrant it's own movie (and that's the last thing well mention about that). She has had as much live action personifications as Batman, the difference of course is that she's a WOMAN wearing a tight form fitting outfit which always equals WINNER in my book. So thanks for the memories Julie Newman, Michelle Pfeiffer and the rest. Once THE DARK KNIGHT RISES premiers we'll be laying our critical and judgmental eyes towards Anne Hathaway and see how she fares against these other kitties. I think a Sexy Six will be in order when that time comes.



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