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12.22.2010by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: A Very Merry Katy Perry Christmas

It's the season of giving and Katy Perry has made it her mission to give... and give you she will. Let me tell ya’ folks, this is a woman who loves Christmas, she's infatuated with it. With all the crazy shit she pulls off, it makes me think she didn’t have a childhood and she's now exploring it. It also makes me want to dress up as Kris Kringle and go all Bad Santa on her ass. KatyP probably melts under that fat bastard's bushy white beard and as you will see in the following pictures she totally gets off on all things Christmas. So I figured, why not have our very own Sexy Six Christmas Special, featuring one of the most recurring hotties of 2010, giving us a sexified representation of what the holidays are all about.

6. Katy Perry as the Christmas special

The ghost of Christmas future never told me “The Simpsons” would one day be composed of 75% shitty anthology episodes but on the bright side, the Xmas special wasn’t half bad and it finished with a bang, or more like, with someone I WANT to bang, as Katy made history by appearing live in one of her trademark latex dresses alongside the Muppet versions of the Simpsons, for a Christmas Sing-a-Long, Sure her acting ski

5. Katy Perry as the snowman

Here’s where the Katy Perry Christmas craziness begins and it appears it all started after she gave the world’s most epic hand job. While the snowman is not really associated with sexiness, Katy manages to pull it off with the requisite low cut cleavage and if that costume were real snow it would have already melted. If only.

4. Katy Perry as the snowflake

She could also be a snow angel or maybe she’s an ice princess, I don’t care; we have tits, legs and Katy bending over holding her bum while handling a big thick… oh, that’s her microphone, either way it makes it easy to make a phallic observation especially when one tends to think with his penis when it comes to all things Katy Perry, even if we’re talking about a goody goody holiday like Christmas.

3. Katy Perry as the toy soldier

If I had to ask for only ONE toy to get this Christmas it would have to be this version of Katy Perry (poseable with interchangeable clothes and phallic microphone). Now Perry invites us to have some fun as she embodies, in the form of a Toy Soldier, all those moments of joy we had those Christmas mornings when we got to play with our new action figures and dolls, but as usual, Ms. Perry takes it up a sexual notch and making us feel weird about it. I don’t mind weird though, in my mind she’s a pornstar starring in the Nutlicker where she gets to perform the erotic dance of the Sugarbum porn fairies.

2. Katy Perry as the candy cane

Once again Ms. Perry brings the magic of her latex dresses and with that candy stripped pattern I can’t help but think of licking her and getting to the chewy minty center. While we’re at it, we could change roles and I’d show her just how sweet my candy cane can be. In fact she can take the whole box, I don’t really like candy canes, I do like the candylicious Perry though, and with those curves even Santa ends up on his own naughty list.

1. Katy Perry as the sexy santa

You can’t go wrong with the sexy version of Santa and as always KP takes it a step further, not only with lascivious results but with a bunch of other versions of the classic red & white motif. Whether she’s showcasing her incredible legs, bending over or wearing nothing but some Christmas lights and a Santa hat, Perry has something for everyone. What do you want for Christmas you perverted little boy? A cute face? Some nice curves? A great ass? A scrumptious rack? She has it all, and that my friends is the true meaning of Christmas.

As a part of the Christmas special and as a present to you guys I’ve broken a bit of the rules of this column by showing you Katy in more Christmas attires, Green Santa, Wrapped Candy Cane, Tight Wrapped Boobs & Christmas Tree. Yes, she actually went and got dress as a Christmas tree. You could actually decorate your whole house by just having Katy Perry around and that's probably the only thing I want for Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed this special edition of the Sexy Six and I bid you adieu, wishing you the best in these times of joy. Feliz Navidad. Read ya’ next year.

P.S. Click here if you were doubting just how much Katy Perry loves Christmas



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