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04.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Babes of the 1970's

With the new release ELVIS & NIXON revisiting a time during the early 70's when Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon got together in the White House to talk "politics," I figured that was a good enough sign that it was time to revisit some of the babes of the 1970's. No, not everyone is included here. I added and deleted and moved and shuffled my top favorites around until I got to a list I could live with. Yes, there are a ton of others left off, including many that are considered the biggest icons of that era. That'll just make for better argument fodder for you guys, right?

#10 - Bernadette Peters

I've found that I'm not the only woman who has a strong, strange attraction to the white-haired sexiness that is Steve Martin, even though I've also been mocked for it by lesser minds. So I am totally prepared for the haters who will think I'm nuts for thinking that Bernadette Peters is one of those overlooked hotties, disregarded as sexy thing because she's a funny lady with massive, curly hair and a tiny little voice. Easily the cutest love story was the one she shared with Martin in THE JERK - although her bit as the warden's secretary getting her 15 minute's worth of Burt Reynolds in THE LONGEST YARD is also a standout.

#9 - Elizabeth Montgomery

Here's where I'm reaching back to the beginning of the 70's, with the clear understanding that Montgomery got her start in the 50's. You could have called her a cougar or a MILF during her time on "Bewitched," one of those shows that was in constant syndication when I was a little girl, and you would be totally right. I was completely enchanted by the way Montgomery would wiggle her nose and get people to bow to her witchy powers. She was gorgeous, elegant and beguiling.

#8 - Marilu Henner

The world all loves their redheads and in the pantheon of of gingers, Marilu Henner definitely has earned a top spot. She was a tough, mouthy East Coast babe on "Taxi," and has since been working on the fringe, almost too hot of a redhead before the world was ready to embrace them over their icy blondes and sultry brunettes. Henner has aged spectacularly, showing it off in recent shows like "Brooklyn 99" and "Two and a Half Men," where she bedded Charlie Sheen's replacement, Ashton Kutcher.

#7 - Cybill Shepherd

The ice queen cometh and boy did she rule. While many people of my generation tend to recall Shepherd from her time on "Moonlighting," when she was verbally sparring with Bruce Willis, looking back to her modeling years and early film career gives you the portrait of a woman who knew how to be the belle of the ball. The young Cybill is the embodiment of Regina George, looking perfect while looking down her nose at those she considered lesser than. The fall has been interesting, with Shepherd looking haggard in recent years. But when she was good, she was very, very good.

#6 - Barbi Benton

There's been a lot of talk about the choice Playboy has made recently to grow away from the copious nudity and transition back into being a more serious magazine with sexy but not exploitative shoots. All they really would have needed to do was get back to featuring women like Barbi Benton, one of Hef's longtime personal Playmates and easily the most naturally gorgeous women the magazine ever featured. Instead of all these ladies with bolt-on tits and dead-fish-eyes expressions, how about cute, perky, fun and naturally beautiful women like Benton instead? That would be my idea of getting back to the good stuff.

#5 - Debbie Harry

If you think that Madonna would have been Madonna without Debbie Harry, you're crazy. The world was ready for another ballsy blonde, the only problem Madge had was catering to the desires of the industry perverts. Harry stepped away from being too overtly sexy, choosing to convey that power through her singing and ultimately her decision to step away from music to nurse her partner and bandmate when he was ill. Harry was a gorgeous woman with powerful pipes who wasn't going to be steered into doing things that weren't her own choice.

#4 - Pam Grier

My first introduction to Pam Grier was through conversations held by characters in Quentin Tarantino movies. My mom might have given my dad some wiggle room to introduce me to his sci-fi and 1950's B-horror obsessions but there was no way I was going to be watching blaxploitation films with all that violence and nudity. Watching many of the films Grier made back then, from FOXY BROWN to COFFY to BLACK MAMA MEETS WHITE MAMA, isn't as sensational now than it was 30 years ago but the one thing that stands out is how much of a tough badass Grier was in an era where she was celebrated mainly for those curves of hers. Her beauty was in her presence, her nudity more of a taught than a titillation, which is the sexiest thing of all.

#3 - Jane Seymour

I first got acquainted with Jane Seymour when she started her run on the show "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," not knowing that she'd already had a diverse and interesting history as a model and actress. At the time that show was on the air, my mom wanted to point out that Seymour had been a Bond girl, a 1980's mini-series fixture in stuff such as "East of Eden" and Superman's main squeeze in a drippy romance called SOMEWHERE IN TIME. Out of many of those babes from the 70's, Jane is also the most enduring in her beauty, still looking as finely featured and delicate as a doll like she did in her younger years.

#2 - Erin Grey

Erin Grey might be in the world of forgotten, dated hotties but when she was at the prime of her game, I doubt there were many would could beat her. From her years as a model to the jump into acting with the space spectacle, "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century," to appearances on "Fantasy Island," "The Love Boat," "The Fall Guy" and later a reoccurring role on "Silver Spoons," Grey was a vision. She's looking pretty good in recent years as well, now in her 60's as a player on "The Guild."

#1 - Lynda Carter

Wonder Woman is pretty much impossible to beat. If under my dad's watch when I was a kid, we would eat all the snacks my mom forbade and indulge in hours of television she would look down on, drinking in the shows and movies containing the women who caught his fancy, even if I didn't understand it at the time. Between Elvira and Lynda Carter as the most beautiful, bodacious incarnation of the superheroine to date, I got the distinct impression that ladies with light eyes and dark hair were where it was at. My opinion really hasn't changed much since.



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