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Lisa Opie turns a day at the beach into a sexy spectacle

01.13.2017by: No Cool Handle

It was Jackie Treehorn who said: "People forget that the brain is the biggest erogenous zone." Behind the lustful veneer of professional beauty pageant contestant Lisa Opie lies an intellect as stimulating as her pert ass. According to Wikipedia, Lisa has completed her undergraduate studies at Virginia Commonwealth University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in political science with a minor in history. Quite a bean inside that pretty little head; wouldn't you say? Just think, I was about to comment on how great it must be to live the carefree, endless summer lifestyle, unburdened by nagging responsibilities and no need of critical thought. Lisa Opie is made even sexier because she doesn't fit the vapid bikini babe stereotype. Intellectual beauties often tend to be the most sexually enlightened and opened to experimentation. I for one would have a pop quiz ready to go for her every night. Whether she passes the test or not, she still gets the prize.

Source: NS4W


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