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Lisa Opie - candid or calculated Miami Beach bikini photos

08.13.2015by: No Cool Handle

Lisa Opie is the kind of if you got it flaunt it girl that drives people like me crazy, and not crazy in the - I need to stroke it right away - sense, but because of the inner conflict that occurs. On one hand I can't not look at such a finely sculpted body like hers, on the other - it pisses me off that I become aware of what a simple creature I am. She doesn't strap on a bikini and go frolicking on the shores of Miami only to feel violated when she notices a person with a camera in one hand and their tool in another. There's nothing candid about these because everything is premeditated. She needs attention and she knows how easy it is to get it from horny, predictable monkeys like me. I can't stand that despite my most sincere efforts, I can't not give her this attention she thrives off of. These photos should come with a warning that reads: Every movement and bodily contortion she makes is so disgustingly deliberate, it may lead to unhealthy, self-loathing masturbatory practices. Consult your physician if uncontrollable crying occurs.

Source: The Superficial


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