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Lindsey Vonn's "look at my butt" game is getting stronger

10.05.2016by: Droz

It's gotten to the point where pretty much every chance Lindsey Vonn has to show up in public results in some kind of a hot body show. Not that I'm complaining - quite the contrary. I love that satisfied face she sports now whenever she recognizes people are looking at her doing her thing. I just wonder who she's thinking about in those moments. That's probably a cheap shot. Lindsey claims her relationship with Tiger came to an amicable end, so I doubt she's getting this satisfied feeling out of denying him the goods. Maybe she just likes the idea of people like you and me sprouting wood at the sight of her. She's mentioned before how relatively inexperienced in relationships she was prior to her divorce, which supports my theory that Lindsey is getting all kinds of action now, thanks to looking like she does in the pics below. So what you're looking at here is a woman feeling good about having a ton of guys ready to slide up on dat ass day and night. I wish I was one of them.

Source: Superior Pics


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