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Lindsey Vonn's hot ass hangs around Muscle Beach

07.18.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Since when did Lindsey Vonn become such a main attraction in the hottie game? While the Olympic medalist has always been a fit babe, it seems as if Vonn has really upped her exposure in the past few weeks, showing off her muscular frame while hanging out with other athlete friends, showing up at the ESPYS, and now topping herself with a public workout on Muscle Beach in Venice, California. Vonn was seen hanging from rings while holding herself in a sexy, spread legged pose. I know she's simply getting her sweat on, but COME ON! She has to know just how many people have been wanting to get her (or really just see) her in these types of positions. She's even being the good spokesperson, wearing her Red Bull hat while she knows that the paparazzi are going to be around to capture her image. Looking great, getting paid. This is one smart lady.
Source: TMZ


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