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Lindsey Vonn shows off her athletic ass at the premiere for Bad Moms

07.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

Only a super sexy blonde like Lindsey Vonn – whose fame comes from her ability to navigate treacherous ski slopes – can so easily ride the fall line straight into the Hollywood limelight; you'll notice the rest of her teammates are strangely absent from all of these events she been popping up at. That's because the rest of her team, and their asses, don't look this delectable packed into a tight dress. You'd think the least she can do is bring some of the less desirable's along as a plus one every so often. Anyway, she really went all out for the premiere of BAD MOMS, upstaging many of the marquee hotties who were also vying for attention – Mila Kunis (the star of the movie) looked cute, Lindsey Vonn looked downright sexy. Hopefully the next time we see her it will be at the premiere for the sequel in which she stars called Bad Bachelorettes. I'd see that shit.

Source: Got Celeb


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