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Lindsey Vonn accessorizes her leather clad booty with a gnarly new scar

03.01.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I was beginning to wonder why the red carpet appearances from Lindsey Vonn seemed to disappear. It turns out Vonn broke her arm back in November of last year while she was training in Colorado. It was the second injury of the year for her, as she had done some damage to her knee in February. The broken arm was much more serious, proven by the pictures of her x-rays she shared on social media detailing how thorough of a break it was and the plate and pins needed in order to fix it. Lindsey was just photographed out in Milan this week, appearing in a tight leather dress that showed her famously fit ass is still in top-notch shape and the scar on her arm is healing nicely. She had a great attitude about it all, posing with the scar visible on her upper arm and tweeting out "My scars remind me that I am strong and beautiful." No, Linds. Your amazing attitude is what proves that to us all.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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