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Lindsey Pelas brought a whole lotta boobies to Bootsy Bellows

10.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Lindsey Pelas is best known for being a model, although I sometimes struggle to consider exactly what kind of a model she is. Considering that Playboy is no longer featuring nudity, where does that leave a model like Lindsey? Sure, there are a ton of other magazines that she could go to, right? Although I vaguely remember hearing a stand-up do a great routine about how only old people go to the local 7-11 to purchase one of those plastic wrapped periodicals located behind the counter. With the internet bringing us free nudity (and much, much more!) with incredible ease, how much longer is there going to be a place in the world for ladies such as Lindsey? Sure, we could sit around and watch that slow-motion video of her running without a bra but frankly, that shit makes me grab my own tits and wince in pain. Do you dudes have any idea how painful that shit is? If I could correctly describe the ripping, burning pain that can come with a woefully unsupported chest swinging back and forth as you pound pavement, I'd be selling novels by now.

Source: CelebMafia


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