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Lindsey Vonn rocks the body painted bikini quite nicely in Sports Illustrated

02.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Everyone is making a big deal over Ronda Rousey in her body painted glory for the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition but why no fuss for the other hot blonde athlete, Lindsey Vonn? Sure, she lost some credibility by readily agreeing to be the girlfriend of the world's most notorious philanderer (who - unsurprisingly - reportedly repeated his behavior while with Vonn), but just because she has bad taste in dudes doesn't mean Vonn isn't a sexy beast in her pictorial. I was also thinking about Droz's comment yesterday regarding nary an itty bitty titty in sight. Both Rousey and Vonn aren't well endowed in the chest region and I really dig that. It's not just about showing women that there are all different sizes in the bikini hottie world, it's about showing there are all different shaped tits as well. While everyone has a soft spot for a nice soft pair of large spots, there's nothing wrong with tits of any shape or size. Showing those that have pointier boobs in smaller sizes helps to avoid athletic women believing they have to buy a pair of bolt-ons in order to feel feminine. This feels as much a celebration of a woman dedicated to her sport instead of her appearance as it does a celebration of women in general.
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