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Lindsay Lohan's top battles it out with her boobs

08.03.2016by: No Cool Handle

Just because I find nothing appealing about a partied out woman like Lindsay Lohan doesn't mean I'm incapable of being inspired by the ongoing struggle against oppression – and let's face it, the boobs are decent. Much of those boobs are seen in these candid photos, desperately seeking to be liberated from her top. Not that this is anything new; from crotch to nipple, there is nary an inch of her that hasn't been "accidentally" caught without the cover of clothing. Party-till-the-clothes-fall-off is just the kind of girl Lindsay Lohan is. Among these images of near slippage are less-than-crisp shots of the morally flexible actress enjoying the spoils of her brief stint in the limelight. How she managed to go an entire vacation without a single wardrobe malfunction is anybody's guess; her right boob tunneling half past the perimeter fence is as close as we're gonna get. This time, anyway.

Source: The Superficial


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