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Lindsay Lohan's nipples audition for Harvey Weinstein

08.11.2016by: No Cool Handle

Riddle me this? How does a notorious party girl – one who's toxic tabloid headlines have all but blackballed her from Hollywood – get a seat next to a studio kingpin like Harvey Weinstein? Is there but 2 degrees of separation, such as Robert Rodriguez to Weinstein, or was it pure happenstance? Whatever led to the fortuitous seating arrangement, Lindsay Lohan's right nipple used it as an opportunity to defibrillate it's master's flatlining career. After last week's very public beach battle with her fiancé (photos and video of said squabble are included), nothing but a full on flash of Lindsay's flapjacks would get the film mogul's consideration. Yep, she spilled out right in the middle of a photo opportunity, taken during some elitist birthday celebration. Again, this is but a few days after the now infamous quarrel over a cell phone. I included the video and some accompanying images for two reasons. The first: I know many of you out there will would be curious to see the unsanctioned bout. The second: so I can turn a not-too-clever, and extremely juvenile, phrase. When Lindsay's scrappin' the boobs get flappin'. Click the first pic for uncensored images.


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