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Lindsay Lohan mugs for the camera before her jail stint

07.21.2010by: Cherry Liquor

OK, so this is it. Here's the latest mugshot of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. Earlier in the month, Lohan was handed down a 90 day sentence for violating the laws of nature... well, and a shitload of probationary things for all the other stunts she pulled in the past. She dropped that lawyer and got Robert Shapiro, convinced that his clout would keep her from serving any jail time. *buzzer noise* WRONG! Turns out that LiLo will indeed be spending time FOR SURE behind bars, although the purported amount of time is 14 of those "mandatory" 90 days. In other news, her first meal behind bars was supposed to be Turkey Tetrazzini, so that should get some of her PETA loving vegan friends in a twist.

Extra Tidbit: Wait... does LiLo even have any straight friends anymore?
Source: DListed


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