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Lindsay Lohan is looking happy, healthy in a bright neon bikini

06.10.2016by: Cherry Liquor
A few days ago, Lindsay Lohan was seen in a not-so-candid manner on the island of Mauritius with current boyfriend, Egor Tarabasov, rocking a bright orange & pink bikini in the best way possible for the formerly glorious red head. Her legs still have that weird, stick-straight, no definition quality to them, giving her otherwise endowed chest and still fairly perky rear end an awkward quality to them, but if there's any Hollywood down-and-out that I would like to see regain some of her previous respect, it's LiLo. I don't know if hanging out with one of the Kardoucheians is a good road to travel while working back to greatness, although it seems that no matter what's kicked Lohan down, she still has the clout to hang out with Kourtney and trade outfits with her during a trip around London last night. The look on both of their faces seems to speak volumes, as if Kourt is giving an old friend a pity hang and that friend still not catching on to that fact, but so long as it keeps Linds happy and sober, I'm for it.

Source: Daily Caller


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