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Lily James is so sexy at this red carpet event, it's got me turning Japanese

04.09.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

It seems like CINDERELLA is doing pretty damn well financially and critically. It's also helping out DOWNTON ABBEY Lily James reach a newfound audience (i.e. me) and the fact that she continues to show up to each premiere looking absolutely fantastic is not hurting matters in the slightest. I know that the movie came out, like, a whole month ago, but seeing Lily at the CINDERELLA premiere in Tokyo had me feeling a little bit excited in places that I'd rather not talk about, so I just had to post something. Here we can see her in a peach colored dress with dark, sensual eyes and a smile that's melting my heart…or maybe that's just the Taco Bell breakfast I ate having a bad reaction with my intestines. In any case, she looks great here and who knows how many more premieres there will be to drool all over our computer screens? We have limited drool time here, folks! Take advantage of it and ruin those electronic pieces of equipment forever. 

Source: Celebmafia


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