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Lily James is a sexy baby at the Baby Driver premiere and for UK GQ

06.15.2017by: Droz

Am I alone in thinking this BABY DRIVER movie looks like a GTA game come to life? Something about the look of the movie and especially the ad campaigns they're putting out for it remind me of the usual approaches Rockstar takes to their games. Could be the folks behind this movie took a look at the way they've grossed billions off those games and decided to see if it could do the same for their movie. Unfortunately there's a big difference between a new GTA game and a movie about a love sick wheel man. One thing this movie has that GTA doesn't is Lily James, who has been doing her part for the movie's cause by looking hot both at the premiere and in the pages of British GQ, where more of that ambiance they're trying to create is evident. I tend to like movies with cars and car chases in them, even if they're not the most profound movies overall, which means I'll probably like this one as well. Lily being in it is a nice little cherry on top.

Source: NSFWGQ


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