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Lily James gives her all for Burberry Black ad campaign

08.24.2016by: No Cool Handle

Just in case you ever wondered what a sexualized version of Cinderella would look like, these ad pics for Burberry Black perfume are as close as you're gonna get – without the aid of your lurid imagination, of course. I don't think Lily James' loveliness was ever in question, but sexy (especially in a public, outgoing way) isn't the first word I thought of whenever her name came up; wholesome, would be a better word association. In an effort to disprove that, the Disney dame disrobed for the sake of scented liquid. Here's what she had to say about her public perception in an interview for The Telegraph: "It was quite liberating to break away from the stereotypes that people may have for me, and say, ‘well this is who I am." Mission accomplished! I'd go so far as to say I doubt anyone will fantasize about Ms. James in a virtuous way from this day henceforth. Now, if she wishes to be truly liberated, Lui Magazine is the preferred follow-up shoot.

Source: NS4W


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