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Lily James attends War and Peace photo call without her glass slippers

10.06.2015by: No Cool Handle

When I first came across these photos with Lily James attending the War and Peace photo call in Cannes, I didn't recognize her by site or her name - I just thought those were some really nice like legs she has. Then – like any decent stalker would – I researched her only to discover I had seen her before in new live-action version of Disney's Cinderella; what a difference some hair dye can make. Just to make that movie a bit more entertaining while I was watching it, I began to imagine how awesome it would be if I was one of her talking pet mice. Imagine the constant up skirt shots you could get being such a small creature, and I'm sure she has no problem changing in front of lower life forms. Suffice it to say Cinderella would be a much different fairy tale if I was allowed to give my take on. I did find it totally sexist that we were continually shown the princes' bulging codpiece and never given a glimpse of our leading ladies camel toe. I thought Hollywood was going to make a better effort to show that the sexes are equal and should be treated equally.

Source: celeb mafia


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