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Lily Collins is sporting a mighty ripped little tummy

03.31.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I had been starting to worry that Lily Collins had lost too much weight in recent years, slimming down from her already rather petite frame, showing off jutting shoulder blades in strapless dresses while at red carpet premieres. Wow, has some shit changed. It seems that all those gym visits the paps keep snapping Lily at in Los Angeles are paying off, with a shredded torso rocking the abs that Collins rarely shows off. The thinner physique supposedly came from her time working on the movie TO THE BONE, about a girl dealing with anorexia, although her period piece roles on RULES DON'T APPLY and The Last Tycoon might have had something to do with her maintaining the lower weight. With OKJA, the latest from director Joon-ho Bong, I'm guessing the muscles might have been beneficial since he loves to throw his actors around in various high stakes scenarios. Personally, I can't wait for it.


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