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Let's write another love letter to the amazing Emmy Rossum

02.15.2016by: Droz

I might be resentful and bitter toward Emmy Rossum's guy Sam Esmail for getting to put his hands all over one of the hottest women around while the two of them were at this Writer's Guild thing. I might have had that reaction, were Sam not responsible for creating my favorite TV show of the last 10 years, Mr. Robot. That's one of those shows that makes me believe that TV might actually have a future. Even if it fizzles out in season 2, that first season will always be one of my favorite things ever. Sort of like Emmy, especially when she's wearing something low cut and kinda see thru. Obviously the best way to see Emmy is when she's getting all up in one of her many Shameless sex scenes. Another show that ain't half bad. But I'm usually content to have my next Emmy fix however I can get it.

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