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Let's wax rhapsodic over Alison Brie

03.05.2014by: Droz

If you happen to be flying first class on United Airlines at some point in the next few weeks, are in need of some reading material and happen to be a fan of Alison Brie, well you're gonna be in luck then. And not just because all those things point to you likely being in a pretty good place in life. The lovely Community sweetheart has a spread in this month's Rhapsody magazine, which is one of United's in house magazines that serves as yet another perk for those with the means to fork over a few more grand to take a left while boarding on of their planes. I love Alison, but I also find her rather frustrating. You may have caught her recent interview on the Chelsea Handler show in which they spent the first part of their conversation talking about how much of a slut Alison is in the sack.

"I know your history," Chelsea Handler said to the Community star about her recent release. "Your personal history. I do, and she's pretty dirty birdie."

"See, you know that about me," Brie replied with a smile. "And people in my personal life and history know that about me, but I never play risqué roles."

See, now that's just cruel. The whole idea of things being personal means that you don't talk about them to an audience of millions. Now they've put that out there, so we have little choice but to sit and stew on the possibilities of Alison's penchant for getting super freaky, but without any details. That's like drawing a map to the buried treasure and not showing us which side of the island it's on. Dammit! It's not fair...


Source: Rhrapsody


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